Monday, 1 November 2010

Daisy's Angel Making Workshop

Welcome to a glimpse of one of my angel making classes
at Heaths Country Store.

Samples and goodies at the beginning of a very productive day.

Choosing a pattern and then the fabric for her clothing.

After a chat about the basics and with coffee and chocolate biscuits (to help the creativity of course!) the angels start to appear.

Busy, busy but time for a bit of chatter too.

Then the stuffing starts!

Followed by more coffee and biscuits!

These are some of the beautiful dolls brought in by Margaret who has already
been on one of my workshops.

Terri had never made an angel before but the results were lovely.
She just needed her rosy cheeks and eyes.

Jane's angel in progress with her new hairdoo :)

Here she is finished. What a wonderful result.
Everyone really enjoyed the day.
Thanks to you all for coming.
I am running a Crafting for Christmas workshop on
Tuesday 23rd November from 10am-4pm
Please ring Heaths on 01623 636666 for details


  1. wow - what total fun, I bet everyone was fully absorbed for the entire time.


  2. Hi Amelia,
    Yes they were. We had to throw them out at closing time in the end!
    Mandy x

  3. Thank you for your blog comment. We are still "recovering" from the busiest day on Saturday... Lizzie x