Sunday, 17 October 2010


It all started with this ....a little toadstool .....sitting in the mossy grass the garden
of my 'might be' new temporary home.

Normally it's Heath that sets me off. We DO autumn at Heaths Country Store.

Out come the scarecrows and the scaredy cats, the pumpkins and the witches.

So while paying my friend a visit I called into the local farm shop to buy a pumpkin....
and managed to leave with all of this!

To make some vegetable soup.

I would normally have all the autumn decorations out by now ...
but as we are on the move it didn't seem logical to start emptying boxes
when I'm so busy filling them!
So I'm enjoying the real thing instead.
This years autumn has pink in it. YAY!

Well, okay, I did slip a little but it was in a box by itself.

It was made by my daughter Rosie.
What a hoot!
Sorry :)

So I then went into the garden to take some pictures before we go.

My baby acer is finally growing up after 7 years.

I even have autumn coloured daisies in my garden.

All this wonderful colour....

and so many berries.

By this time next year I hope to be settled in my new 'yet to be found' home.
I'm hoping it will have as warm and welcoming feel as this one does.
From my favourite book
Seasons at Seven Gates Farm.

Enjoy your Sunday. x


  1. Hi, i have just found your blog from Jenny at Red House, it's great, I love all the folky stuff and Halloween items and love what your daughter Rosie made! looking forward to reading more,
    Andrea at Fin and Gabs

  2. I love all the autumn and halloween decorations, the pumpkin pictures are great.
    Ann x

  3. Thanks for your comments girls. Great to meet you x