Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Daisy's having a give away.

I'm having a little give away ...

It's for these five little vintage fabric buttons
made by me.

To enter please pop over to facebook and
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Daisy xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012

Daisy's been to Cornwall

We arrived in Maenporth
to a beautiful blue sky.

I've been lucky enough to stay here for the last three years.
This is the view from my bedroom.
It's a wow every time.

We spent the first day on the beach.

A very happy photo.

A perfect day for sailing.

The next day was a little cooler so we took
a trip to Padstow.

How very British!

A picture for Steve - the dream boat.

Another trip took us down some very narrow Cornish roads
(which may or may not have caused several squeals from the driver 
and her front seat passenger)
to Port Isaac or Doc Martin Land as Jack called it!

Soft blue sea, time worn railings and a dash of pink of course.

A view out to sea.

I wonder if the Doc is in?

Gate love...

I want to live here...

More gate love...

How can anyone not be inspired here?
The colours are divine.

Pottery shop window.
I even love the rust!

Natural rock garden...

Woolly pom pom bus stop love.

Regular readers will know I have a thing for doors...
Although this one could be a little draughty! 

But I would love to 'do' this one up.
It's right on the quayside at Charlestown.

Couldn't resist a photo of this shelf full of sail cloth...
The colour palate is just yummy don't you think?

Just above the 'doer upper' was this beauty.
I think it was painted for me.

House sign love.

This ball of cuteness was at a craft fair.
Sadly he wasn't for sale,
He was on his way to his new home and
would have been in my pocket if not!

Oh look, another pink piece of beautifulness tucked up a 
little side street.


Small and safe.

I wish I could have been there for the sale...
449 bundles of cotton yard!
24 pieces of waistcoating!
2 cases of English china!

The firkins of butter and the case of cabbage seeds
I think I'll pass on!

On the last day we visited St. Michaels Mount.

We climbed to the top...

it was well worth the climb.

The harbour view.

I adore this seat in the library.

Quilters are everywhere!


My favourite place has to be St Ives...
because of this...
(Thank you Poppy Treffry )

and this...

and this...

and this.
Thank you Cornwall for another
wonderful holiday...

and thank you for reading.
Daisy xxx