Thursday, 4 November 2010

A day for vintage shopping.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day out with Rosie hunting out fabric
samples and vintage 50's fashion patterns for
her degree work.
After buying up John Lewis we drove to Newark to search through the charity
shops and visit a favourite place of mine.

Newark Antique Centre is a treasure trove of goodies.
Here are some of things I couldn't leave without!
Tutti fruiti buttons and an old Christmas greetings card.

Red and white spotty fabric can never be resisted. EVER!

Then I came across a bag full of antique quilt pieces.

Another thing I can't resist.

Long hidden pieces of fabric.
I wonder who they belonged to
and what they were bought for?

The hours spent hand stitching them
and for who?

What ever the answers they are in safe hands again
and will be treasured by me now.

Bargain find of the day was this box of pearls.
£3.00 for the lot.
These will be made into angel wings.

A box of boxes!
The reason for these? I will explain another time!

My final purchase of the day was this fold away bookcase.

In need of some care and attention.

But when sanded and painted I just know it will look beautiful.
I will repost it when I've worked my magic on it.
Thank you Rosie for such a fun day together.
I hope you all enjoy your evening.
Daisy x


  1. whilst i'm waiting for your photos to load, i just had to tell you how much i love your header, just so cute :)

  2. I loved our day out :) And I love the photograph of the pearls that you took, you're really getting good at the whole photography thing aren't you :) Can't wait to see the bookshelf when you've given it your magic touch!! x