Saturday, 22 September 2012

Daisy's made a pocket with Ellie Evans

I've had the most marvellous of days at
Hope and Elvis making pockets
with the lovely Ellie Evans.
This is some of Ellies work.

Needle books and pin cushions...

Cross stitch heart brooches...

Beautiful hand stitched work in cutlery box frames ...

and stitched purses.
Her work is exquisite with
hours worth of stitching in every piece.

I had a very old piece of patchwork that I
bought years ago which I was saving for
something special.
Today was something special.
I had a go at cross stitching a heart.
It was extremely tiny.

My initials were a bit bigger
and a lot easier.

My pocket was about me and my Mum.
It was Mum who taught me to sew all those years ago.
She patiently threaded needles for me.
She shared her fabric stash so generously with me.
She encouraged me to play with fabric.

From being very little I loved them.
I remember my clothes, the fabric they were made of
and their colours.
That love has never left me.

A wider view...

A work in progress...

I want to add a lot more stitching
before I sew it all together.

There are lots of hiding places for secret words
to be added.

This is the wonderful lady who started it all.
My darling Mum.
Thank you.
A million times - thank you.

To Ellie and Louise...
Thank you for all your inspiration and knowledge
and to the mystery lady who created the fabulous patchwork
thank you for making such a gorgeous piece of work.
It will be treasured.

Love Daisy


  1. What a fabulous way to keep memories.

  2. You must have a magic wand that you can wave as you always have just the right fabric, haha. Love the idea of a hanging pocket for those loose coins and a hankie, beautiful, Lucey x

  3. Daisy it is just beautiful and I wonder who initially had the time and patience to create such a lovely piece? I learned a lot of my crafting skills from my mum when I was really small, probably 6 or 7 ish and I'm so pleased I took it all in. My sewing leaves something to be desired but I am nothing if not keen!

    1. I'm sure you make lovely things Anne. Yes I often wonder with the gorgeous pieces of patchwork I pick up who made them and what they were used for. I hope they know how much I treasure them all these years later. xx

  4. It's beautiful! I'm definitely going to go to an Hope and Elvis workshop now! I'm inspired! Ada :)

  5. That is so lovely, wonderful that the patchwork created so long ago now becomes part of your happy memory pocket. Thank you for sharing your brilliant day.
    I have recently been reminded how some people inspire you and some people leave you flat and blow out your creative flame. I joined an 8 week Quilting Course, I went for 3 weeks, learnt next to nothing, started to dread going, so let them know I wouldn't be continuing. What a different feeling I have had when going to Hope and Elvis. I think I need to look at Louise's forthcoming workshops.
    Carol xx

    1. Dear Carol,
      Louise's workshops are always inspiring. As I run workshops too I try and go regularly to keep my inspiration flowing. I'm sorry to hear you didn't have a good time on your course. It is such a disappointment when you don't have a good time. Hope to see you there soon. xxx

  6. oh lovely, lovely! I met Ellie Evans a couple of years ago at a Selvedge Fair. All these ideas are creeping back now that I've finished the MA and I love your gorgeous fabric pieces :)

    1. Thank you Amelia. Ellie is so lovely. I could have listened to her all day. Congrats on finishing your MA x

  7. How lovely all these images are and your pocket looks a real wonderment- perfect stitching. I used to make these back in the 70s from old pillow cases (I think I got the idea from a history book - do these date from Tudor times or something?). I might have to go back to my memory banks! Lovely photo of you with your mum too
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jenny, They do date back a long time. They have fascinated me. The V & A have a fabulous collection. Thanks for your lovely comments and for stopping by. xx

  8. I loved reading your post and it reminded me of my Mom and how she would let me pick out the flour sacks when she bought flour. Those sacks were turned into the fabric of my school dresses. She was a wonderful seamstress and turn those sacks into very, very pretty dresses. Good Memories:)
    Thanks for the memories.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. That is really really lovely. I love the idea that you are using something so old and beautiful and adding your own work to it. My Mum taught me to sew as well. So special to create something reminding you of everything your Mum has taught you. Look forward to seeing it finished. Fiona x

  10. Happy Christmas, hope all is well with you.
    Carol xx

  11. So glad I found your wonderful blog! I have been to Hope and Elvis for a couple of courses and love popping into Decorative Country Living when in the area :) I am now a happy follower!

    Bee happy x

    PS stop by my blog I am having a Valentines giveaway

  12. Your blog is so cute and your so creative.....wonderful creations! Heidi

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Oh what a lovely project...I adore how you have sewn memories and love in with it too...
    daisy j

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