Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best of New Years.

May your lives be blessed with health and happiness.
See you in 2012
Love and hugs
Daisy xxx

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

The needle and thread has been out again.

I've been working on this little antique dolls shirt.

The tiny bead work round the neck, sleeves and hem...

All hand sewn with love.

 Every bead neatly spaced.

Now hanging in my dining room on a pair of  soft pink wings.
Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends.
May it be filled with peace and love for you all.
Daisy xxx

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Daisy's decorations

A few Christmas photos as promised.
The kitchen after the stainless steal cupboards were removed.
For now I have added a couple of shelves until
the work surfaces are replaced
and the walls are re-tiled.

They have also aloud extra space for a few festive trimmings....

and twinkly lights.

Holly from the garden, heart wreaths and snowflakes
in the kitchen window.

After a two year search I have found the tree
from my childhood to display my vintage baubles.

While helping to put Mums tree up last week my sister and I found a box
of glass baubles belonging to our grandparents.
This one was among them.

The lilac bell was on the Christmas tree
when I was a child and I love it.

I found this scarlet childs dress in France a
couple of years ago.
I've embroidered 'Joyeux Noel' on the
front of it and hung it in the kitchen.

A simple addition but another favourite.

A quick picture of the tree.
My first year without a real tree.
I have to say I miss the smell of pine
but I like the fact that this tree will stay
looking the same until I take it down in the new year.
Last years real tree looked shocking by Boxing Day!

Ahh! Now for the mystery shot from last night!
Looking for some inspiration for wall spaces
I sat and looked through my Dottie Angel book

Tif had laid wooden reels on vintage fabric
in the shape of a heart.

I started arranging my jar of reels on the table...
 I wonder if I stick a few nails in the freshly painted wall?

Ha! It worked!!!

I love the mixture of colours.
I love the hanging thread.
I love the labels
and I love the fact that no one can moan that I've done it!

Not the most obvious things to have on the wall
but I'm thrilled with it.

What do you think?
Thanks for reading and for the lovely comments yesterday.
Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Daisy's Home

To say I'm feeling happy is an understatement!
Finally after 7 weeks of stress, wasted days and high 
mobile phone bills and still no connection from Sky
 I have been connected back to blogland with the super efficient service of Virgin Media. 
(It took them 2 working days from my phone request to being up and running!)
I have missed reading all of your blogs and I'm now trying to catch up 
with everyone.

To cope with the stress I've been making little bits of
A baby sock  embroidered in red linen thread inspired by Jessie Chorley 
and below a glass bauble filled with soft white glitter and
bits of vintage fabric hanging on a pink silk ribbon.

Slowly, things have started to take shape...

My two heroes have built my new wardrobes.

Christmas has started to appear.
I've had great fun finding new places for all the
decorations to go.
(I will post more photos tomorrow)

I have also learnt how to use a drill, and let
me tell you, I feel totally liberated!
No wall is safe now from my new found talent!
This cabinet from Decorative Country Living is filled
with all things Daisy along with some vintage Christmas treasure.

A close up of the Christmas bauble...

 a glimpse at the hallway decorations...

and finally,  a teaser picture!
All will be revealed tomorrow!

Its so lovely to be back.
Thanks for reading.
Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Daisy's Moving Home

I am setting off on another journey dear bloggers
and will be off line for 3 weeks thanks to Sky and
their incredible slow service. :(

By the time I'm back on line I will have much to tell of
the decorating adventures I've been on.
These gorgeous wings arrived on the day I got the keys to my new house.
Time to fly...

A few before shots of  my new home.
Hmmm  the 'beam me up Scotties' need to go!

Ahh that looks better already.
 Well it doesn't, but it will !

The dining room before being 'Mandyfied'.

The living room in a similar state.
Nice floor though.

My bedroom with doors onto the garden.
Three guesses what colour this room will be?

Pink, pink or PINK!

A quick snap of the garden.

I have big plans for this little beauty.

Even the white paint is pink!
Who ever invented this wonderful stuff deserves
a great big hug!
Perfect for ceilings, goes on pink and then turns white.

Ahh, well, they were on offer at B & Q !
It would have been rude not to.

Stay well and happy my friends.
I will return asap with an update.
Lots of love
Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Daisy's been making again

We had a delivery of ribbons in the shop recently.
They were so yummy that I needed to have a play.

I decided to make bunting to show the ribbon samples.
They needed to be quite firm to stop them from flopping
out of shape so I used wadding inside the bunting.
This seems to have worked really well.

But then my head started buzzing with more bunting ideas ...
This does say buttons but the lighting was too bright
and my photographing skills are sometimes a bit off!

Ahh proof! A close up of the 'tt' ...

and the 'but'!

Then I realised it would have been rude to leave the threads
out as they sit quietly between the ribbons 
and the buttons.

So I played.
 Stitching lots of different threads...

and I left them trailing...

just because.

Here it is completed.

Thanks for stopping by.
Daisy xxx