Friday, 1 April 2011

Julie Arkell - A very lovely day

This is me and Julie Arkell at the Hope & Elvis Studio The Harley Gallery, Worksop, Notts. 

Here are some of her lovely hand sewn pieces.

Red spotty fabric ...ohh yummy!

Each piece sings.

Vintage charm bracelets.

Embroidered words.

More flower brooches hung on an old childs dress.

I loved this rabbit brooch ...

and this 'Dear Heart' one.

Every brooch rabbit needs a brooch rabbit house to live in!

Julie then showed us how to make these stuffed suffolk puffs or yo-yos.

This one was sooo beautiful it hopped straight onto my jumper
and there is stayed. :)

So we started off with a circle template...

which we stitched with a small turned hem round the outside 
and then gathered and stuffed with the left over fabric scraps.

Little bits of red felt were added in the centre.
Slowly the collection began to grow.

These were some of Julies Tic toc watches
(right twice a day!)

This one decided to come home with me too. Woops!

 But look how pretty it looks with my suffolk puff bracelet.


A lovely, lovely day was had by all.
I also got to meet and spend the day with one of my blog followers.
Hello Carol :) x

 This weekend I am back at Louise's for a two day workshop 
with Janet Bolton.
Will blog asap.
Have a great weekend whatever you're doing.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. It was lovely to meet you. I really like the bracelet I made and have since made some brooches with the Suffolk puffs.
    Hope you are enjoying this weekend's course.
    Carol xx

  2. I had a wonderful time thanks Carol. Will post a blog later. X

  3. You found me then didn't I look spendid!! Will be popping back. See you soon.

  4. That's it I am officially jealous.

    How wonderful to do a work shop with Julie Arkell, I just love her work.

    Love the brooches and bracelets, so whimsical,

    Claire :}