Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daisy's day of making

One afternoon last week I found a bag of cushion pads and
decided they deserved new jackets.

I dipped into my fabric stash and for a change I used
some of my best bits.

I decided that rather than have them sitting on a shelf
upstairs they could sit on the sofa where I could see
them everyday.

This is the first one hot off the press...

followed by No. 2...

and before I knew it there were another four!

Next thing to get a jacket was this plain cream charity
shop light shade.

Then I found this fabric and thought that a jacket would be quite
nice for me too!

As I can't make jackets I decided to make
a dress instead!

By the time I had finished that lot I felt like this...

Quite an afternoon/evening but I loved every minute!
Move over Dan!
What have you been making?
Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Daisy gets to play in the shop

There have been a lot of changes in the shop that I work and teach in lately.
Exciting changes.
  A breath of fresh air has blown in and stirred up the creativity in us all.
My boss is a great boss.
He has always encouraged our crafty ways and so when he asked me to
turn this wall into a mood board I was thrilled!

I have always collected inspirational pieces from magazines.
From tiny snippets to whole articles of 'beautifulness'.

And so it began. 
 A history of things I love.

It was an interesting journey looking through it all.
Lots of it had been hidden away for quite a while.

It has been arranged as though it has been there for months with
fabric pieces, buttons on cards,  paint colour charts, postcards and
wallpaper samples all mingled together.

I hope it will be ever changing as more things are added over time.

At last I have found a use for some of my collection
 and it's now where it can be seen and shared.

To hopefully inspire shop visitors as well as ourselves.

This magazine advert was from 1953!

Laura Ashley paint chart sitting next to a pair of dolls bloomers.

The view from the cutting table.

A map of the U.S.A. where the inspiration for
Heaths original shop came from.

The exquisite colour palate of Farrow & Ball.

Buttons and bobbins...

linens and lace...

pegged up with a touch of  Arkell-ness.

Heath has been playing too.

Hanging washing lines of fabric swatches
mingled with old photos and tags.

I've been using my new pompom maker too!

For now it's been finished off with a mini lampshade
covered in strips of fabric a la dottie angel

I now have a bucket of buttons and another wall!
Watch this space!!!
Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I just wanted to wish you all a very
Happy Valentines Day.
I've learnt how to make origami hearts this week.

I bought the origami pastel paper from

I have walked round the house in search
of heart shapes.
I seem to have a crate of them!

 Heart paper clips also from Paperchase.

A knitted heart made by my lovely Mum.

My wood, wool & stool tree which
I can't bare to put away.

My cupboard of favourite things...

This print is by the very talented Caroline Zoob.

The ever inspirational dottie angel.

Pink, spotty and heart shaped.
Perfect in every way.

Hearts for the home.

I even have a heart shaped tree!

Stitching on pieces of antique quilt.

I'm still loving my bobbin wall heart.

And here is the person who has restored my faith
in this love thing.

To Steve - for daring to dream...
thank you
Love Daisy xxx

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Daisy's Thursday makes

Rosie came home for a visit last night.
We have spent all afternoon sewing together
and trying out samples on my sewing machine. 
Then I started to do some ironing and came across this piece
of pink (pink I hear you say?) yes pink spotty fabric.

Further down the ironing pile was this linen CK tea towel which I
bought last year in Cornwall but so far had no idea 
what to do with it.
It was far too pretty to use.
looking good next to pink spotty fabric though...

While I was sorting out the box cupboard yesterday
morning ( I was actually putting the Christmas decoration boxes
away that I had left out in Rosie's bedroom!)
Bad mother!
(sorry back to the story)
 I found a spare cushion pad ...

One cushion cover finished in
ten minutes flat!

I just attached a pink spotty piece at the top and bottom
of the tea towel and made a small hem.
Then, with the right sides folded over each other, 
I sewed down each side of the tea towel.
After turning it back to the right side I then inserted my
cushion pad through the pink spotty flap.
Job done!

All finished in time for tea!.

I'm quite pleased with how the reverse has turned out too.

I've also been playing with some of the
buttons I got for Christmas.
These little cotton covered buttons
had something to say...

so I helped them with a few words of embroidery.
I'm off to do a spot of crochet.
Have a good evening folks.
Love Daisy xxx