Saturday, 30 April 2011

My tiny garden takes shape

When I moved into this little tiny house
in February I had planned to only
stay a few short months.  Things have
changed though and for now I am here
as long as I'm needed.  It's a bit
of a squash and a squeeze sometimes
but being close to my family in
this quiet little spot is what feels right, right now.

With all that in mind I decided to make a garden.
I have a small fenced off piece of  grass moss for
the dogs to wander around on but it lacked, well everything
really!  So I began digging borders.
It started with a small one in each corner but then
I got carried away.  Ooops!

As the borders grew in size I decided to grow some vegetables.
I even managed to recruit Rosie to help dig up some of the turf.
Thanks Bud Bud. x

Then the planting began.  Lots of scented plants.
Lavender, honeysuckle and a few herbs.

We then had great fun trying to make a bean frame, which
I'm very proud to say is still standing. :)

I've planted two kinds of beans.
I've no idea if they will even grow but its been fun trying.

Of course Daisy has to have her daisies.

All planted up and hiding a horrid drain cover.
Was that watering can made for me or what?

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.
I hope the sun shines for you.
Hugs Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sorry I've been away

Sorry I've been away for a while.
My darling Dad has been very poorly but I'm
happy to say he's on the mend now.

In my spare moments away from the hospital
I've been digging out borders in my tiny garden.
(Pictures will follow soon)

Also my computer lead, which decided to go walkabout, has now
been found.  So all in all things are looking up!

I hope you enjoy the roses for now.
This is there actual colour!
How beautiful.
Enjoy your day. 
Love Daisy xxx

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Applique Workshop 1

Look at the fab results from
the girls on my first applique workshop.
Sarah was using the needle turned method 
on her sailing boat.

Annie liked the iron on bondaweb.

Janice designed her own picture
and used the machine embroidery 
technique to piece it together.

Una busy at the sewing machine.

Maureen joined us in the afternoon.
She is busy knitting a cardi for her dolly.

 Busy, busy, busy.

This is Janice's finished top
ready for the  tourists!

Una's sheep picture.
I love the grass.

This is Annie's finished dolly with
ladybird border and lacy socks.

Another happy day spent at  Heaths Country Store.
Have a great evening.
Hugs Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Janet Bolton Day Two

We arrived back refreshed on Sunday morning
ready to start making our textile pictures.
Here I'm playing with colours for my flowers.

Janet showed us how to cut out the shapes
and sew them paying attention to both the
objects and the spaces in between.
Flowers made, stalks at the ready
and a vase made with an old piece of
 quilt to put them in.


This was the most enjoyable part for me.
I love needle turned applique.
Once I start I find it very hard to stop!

This is my finished piece.
I like the way it has moved into the frame.
We decided to call it Janet and Julie
as it has influences from both Janet
and Julie Arkell.

At the end of the day we all took our pieces 
to one table so everyone could see each others work.

There was some amazing work to photograph.

This was a beautifully designed piece
complete with shells and driftwood from
a recent holiday.

Janet showing 'Janet and Julie'.

Lovely retro colours on this one.

This one has to be my favourite.
So full of life!

Ladies with scarves.
Gorgeous purple and lilac in the border.

You can feel the warmth from this one.
(Loving that lace)

A beautiful angel with her halo at the ready.

This was made by my friend Anita and
had a fabulous shape to it.

Another friend Jenny created this one.
Flower Power.

A piece with superb texture.

This one was quite large!
I would love to see it finished.

We all learned so much this weekend, 
not only from the lovely Janet but from
each other too.
Sharing stories, techniques, inspiration and
lots of laughter.

A truly amazing weekend.
A big thank you to Janet and Louise for
giving up their mothers day to
give us all a perfect one.
Have a wonderful evening.
Love Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Janet Bolton - Day One

So here is day one of the Janet Bolton weekend
workshop at the Hope & Elvis studio.
We started the day with a walk up to the Harley Gallery to
see the SMILE exhibition to help give us some inspiration
and one or two of us may have purchased one or two pieces
but I shall mention no names!

This year I wanted to work with brighter colours.
These are a few of the ones I chose from Louise's amazing stash.
After a lovely talk by Janet telling us about what inspired her and 
her method of working we started creating our own pieces.
Choosing background and border fabrics.

I wanted mine to fit into this frame
and had great fun playing about with the fabrics.

Then the hand sewing began.


First sewing each of the border pieces together...

and then attaching them onto the middle piece.
I then stitched another border fabric (in blue)
onto the back to give it an additional frame.
This took me ALL day!

Lots of concentration going on here!

One of Louise's suitcases full of loveliness.

These are some of Janet's finished pictures.

So beautifully hand stitched.

'Mixed Blooms on Blue'

This one was my favourite.
'All Buttoned Up'

See you tomorrow for Janet Bolton Day Two.
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx