Sunday, 17 October 2010


It all started with this ....a little toadstool .....sitting in the mossy grass the garden
of my 'might be' new temporary home.

Normally it's Heath that sets me off. We DO autumn at Heaths Country Store.

Out come the scarecrows and the scaredy cats, the pumpkins and the witches.

So while paying my friend a visit I called into the local farm shop to buy a pumpkin....
and managed to leave with all of this!

To make some vegetable soup.

I would normally have all the autumn decorations out by now ...
but as we are on the move it didn't seem logical to start emptying boxes
when I'm so busy filling them!
So I'm enjoying the real thing instead.
This years autumn has pink in it. YAY!

Well, okay, I did slip a little but it was in a box by itself.

It was made by my daughter Rosie.
What a hoot!
Sorry :)

So I then went into the garden to take some pictures before we go.

My baby acer is finally growing up after 7 years.

I even have autumn coloured daisies in my garden.

All this wonderful colour....

and so many berries.

By this time next year I hope to be settled in my new 'yet to be found' home.
I'm hoping it will have as warm and welcoming feel as this one does.
From my favourite book
Seasons at Seven Gates Farm.

Enjoy your Sunday. x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Time Away

This is Steve. A very happy Steve. He's about to spend the weekend on the canal with Amelia, Rosie, Jim oh and me!

This is the beautiful Amelia.

This, of course, is Rosie and Jim.

Instant relaxation set in as we chugged along slowly up the canal.
Relaxation that is until we found our first of three locks.

This is Steve. A rather worried looking Steve!

But luckily for us there were lovely helpful people around that helped us through our first one.

Then it all seemed rather easy and by the third one we were actually smiling.

Wow! The ever changing view. The peace. The quiet. Bliss.

The next morning we were greeted with two swans with their six nearly fully grown babies.
They seemed extremely hungry and obviously knew how to play the tourists.

On Sunday the weather was beautiful.

The sky was blue and I even got a go at steering the boat.
(but not for long!)

Halcyon days.

Our last evening was spent here. We stood and watched the sun go down with our neighbours, a meadow full of cows and their curly haired calves.
It has been the most relaxing weekend I have ever had and I just wanted to share a glimpse of it with you.
Have a great weekend. x

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I have the best job!

A couple of weeks ago this fabric arrived in the shop.

Today, when I arrived at work, I could resist no longer.
I had to make something.

I cut two 5 inch strips from 9 different fabrics.
Then I cut them into different lengths and mixed them up.

I machined them into lengths choosing the fabric at random.

and this was the result.

I'm so lucky to be able to work in a place filled with inspiration.

Where our boss, Heath ( a truly wonderful man)
lets his staff create when we feel the inspiration to do so.
I have the best of jobs.
Thanks Boss x
Heaths Country Store can be found on facebook and there is also a monthly newsletter which you can request via email at
If you're in the area next Thursday, Friday or Saturday (14th,15th,16th) there is a sale in store with 15% off everything ( apart from the staff!)

A lovely weekend

Every year the ladies of two quilt groups put on a quilt show in Pentrich Village Hall. Derbyshire.
So a group of us met up for a day out.

Delicious cakes are served and there are a couple of stalls selling much needed fabric! ( You know us quilters).

The standard is amazing. Beautiful works of art.

Kindly shared with us.

Then it was a walk down the road to The Dog Inn for a superb lunch and lots of chat.

Then Sunday was a family day. I actually made these yorkshire puddings!
Mine normally resemble very small saucers so I was thrilled when I opened the oven door.

Harley paid us a visit.
I managed to get a two hour cuddle after lunch.
I couldn't take my eyes off him.
He's soooo cute.

But eventually I had to share him with his Grandad.
What a perfect weekend. x