Thursday, 30 September 2010

September - Busy but great ...

While Ringo has been contemplating life on a chair by the Aga...

Jack and I have been busy in the garden (with lots of help from friends too!)

We found a great game of loading the wheel barrow full of weeds and taking it to next doors chickens to scratch through. Then Jack got a lift back in said wheel barrow. Everyone was happy! (including the chickens)

Then there was the arrival of Harley Ethan on 20th September

Do you think he has a proud Grandad?

I had to wait 4 whole days to get my mitts on him but it was worth it. I did have trouble giving him back though :(
Well done to Vicky and Daniel. He is gorgeous.

Then it was off to Tuxford Windmill for a craft and food fair with my friend Jenny.

Despite the threat of the marque taking off in the wind we managed to set up the stall.

There were angels all around ...

accompanied by mice, chickens and oddbod creatures made by Jenny.

We even had fat free cup cakes (knitted by my lovely Mum)

In fact there were all sorts of yummys to tempt and delight including ...

camper van cushions, bags, vintage aprons ...

and handmade Christmas cards (yes there is no hiding from it. It's well and truly on the way).
I hope you've enjoyed your stay.
Have a great day whatever you're doing.
Love Daisy xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Beautiful Brittany

I managed to get away for a few days in August to stay with my lovely friends.

The weather wasn't always kind but despite our 'caravan hair' we still managed to have a great time wandering through cobbled streets and drinking hot chocolate.

Eating lots of fabulous food including, dare I say, a curry pizza! (Which did taste delicious.)

This is their delightful house that they have been restoring. It is set in a little hamlet which feels like it has been lost in time. Beautiful, quiet and very laid back.

I fell in love with the architecture.

I managed to find a little shop that sold fabric, ribbons, buttons, yarn and underwear!

Every street had beauty in it.

The faded paint just adding to the joy of discovery.

And then I got a thing for doors ...

There were so many interesting ones...

And more paint colours that almost made me melt.

This building was my favourite. What a beautiful door.

Don't you think?

Scrummy locks.

Ok this is the last one ... promise!

Then onto the beach. These breakers had a worn beauty of their own.

There to protect the wall.

Wonderful Brittany. Hope to visit again soon.
Enjoy your week. x