Saturday, 27 November 2010

...and then it snowed.

Like many people I woke up to snow this morning.

I said a quiet thank you to the weather Gods.
For a while I've been wishing for a touch of snow before we move.

So I could capture it before we leave.
It was perfect, magical even.

Clear sky and quiet, oh so quiet.

Just a sprinkling but enough to make everywhere look Christmassy.

Another wish fulfilled.

I've changed my plans for the day and I am going to
make a fire and sit and stitch for the day
because that's what days like this are for.

If you have to travel today I wish you and yours a safe journey.

Enjoy your day whatever you're doing.
Love Daisy x


  1. A beautiful post, beautiful home, beautiful photos, beautiful idea to have a day by the fire stitching! Enjoy every minute
    H x

  2. Thanks Heather.
    Lots of love.
    Mandy x

  3. Days like this are definitely 'stitching by the fire' days! My plan after our walk. Enjoy :)

  4. oh how beautiful. I love your pic of the moon, and I can just imagine how quiet it is there. There is no snow here and I am sitting wrapped up ill. Myabe I will do some stitching now as you have inspired me.

    I love it when wishes are fulfilled too :)


  5. Hi Amelia,
    Sorry to hear you are ill. I hope you feel better soon. The moon looked so beautiful this morning in a perfectly clear sky. Let me know what stitching you got up to.
    Mandy x

  6. Hi Helen,
    Sounds like we've all had a day of stitching then.:)
    Thanks for adding me.
    Mandy x

  7. Hi Mandy, we've both been stitching then, I've just finished my dutch sisters pillow swap cover (that's cushion to you and I)! the wind is howling though nd the snow battering Red House not quite as peaceful as your scenes which are beeautiful!!! all the best medear! jennyx