Saturday, 13 November 2010

Time for Daisies.

My life is crazy busy at the moment.
Packing boxes, craft fairs coming up and completing a large
order for the lovely Nellie in the Shed at Southwell,

Part of the order for Nellie are some pin daisies made
from vintage quilt squares.

Lots of beautiful faded hand quilted precious scraps.
I save every last bit!

Which then have the template drawn on.

This went on for some time!
Thanks Pete for keeping me company and
Ringo in the corner who is always around
in charge of biscuits.

Here are a few finished ones after the free machine
stitching and centres are added.

Only another 25 to go!

Thank you to Rosie for taking the photos.
You are a gem. x
Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.
Love Daisy xx


  1. .. and thanks to Rosie for taking some lovely photographs? No? Am I not allowed a mention? :)
    Lovely daisies though!! xx

  2. wow they look lovely! did it turn into a late night ? i know when I get started I have to finish! jennyx

  3. Dear sweet Rosie,
    I'm sorry you didn't get a mention. :(
    Will amend straight away. :)

  4. Hi Jenny,
    No I'm still finishing them now!
    Have a great trip on Thursday.
    Mandy x