Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Julie Arkell - A very late post!

This is an extremely late post but as I'm about
to go on another Julie Arkell workshop
I thought I should post last years first!

The workshop was held at Hope & Elvis
Some of Julies work was on display for inspiration.

My head was on overload with ideas.

 I just love her creatures.
These were brooches.

 The wording seems to describe them perfectly.

Displayed on vintage clothing and
hung on old coat hangers.

More brooches but with buttons and
names this time.

This was one of my favourites

Oh and this one.

I wouldn't mind one of these either!

More gorgeousness.

All the Tic toc watches together.

Even the boxes are lovely.

Especially this one.

Just a couple more ...
A house and

 a rabbit.

Finally here are my attempts.

Very fiddly but fun.

This years visit is at the end of the month and
hopefully it won't take me a year to post it!
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. I've only just discovered Julie Arkell's work thanks to a post on Henhouse blog and was really pleased to find the "Smile" exhibition is coming to Welbeck which isn't too far from me so I shall definitely be making a trip.
    Her work is amazing and your creation was lovely. Hope you enjoy your second workshop.
    I have childhood memories of making papier mache heads for puppets.
    Carol xx

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the Welbeck exhibition Carol. Something else to look forward to. xxx

  3. How gorgeous are they?? I love them all and havn't heard of Julie Arkell until now. I love the brooches you made especially the face as it's so sweet. You must show us what you make this time, Lucey xx

  4. Hi Lucey,
    Julie has a book called 'Home'. If you ever come across it its well worth a look. Her studio is amazing! Thanks for you kind comments.
    Daisy xx

  5. Thank you Mandy,
    Carol (I think of above ) got one of the last minute places on Julie's workshop thanks to your blog. I still have one place on Saturday if you know anybody who is interested.
    Lots of love
    Louise @ Hope & Elvis

  6. Hi Louise,
    Will pop up another post to advertise it. :) x