Friday, 27 January 2012

Daisy's workshop - playing with applique

Here are few photo's from a recent book cover/ applique workshop
It was a chance to learn about the various
different kinds of applique and try them out.

Playing is the best way to learn.
 Getting a feel for the fabric and the machine
and just seeing where it takes you.

Using bonderweb gives a very crisp edge and holds
everything in place with a warm iron.
You are then free to stitch in the detail.

An early start to a Christmas project.
From a book by Anni Downs

Angels singing carols.

A fun dwelling with blanket stitch on the window.
(I secretly want to live here!)

Time for a cup of tea and a gingham heart!

These petals are being arranged so they can be pinned
in place ready for some needle turning applique.

This book cover was made using lively African fabrics.
Part of the design was backed with bondaweb 
and the shapes were cut out and arranged on a 
complimentary fabric, stitched round and finished
off with a binding.

A dresden plate design was used on this book cover...

with a pocket on the back to hold some pens.
Such pretty Russian dolly fabric.

This turn and flip book cover was made using
Rachel Ashwell's new quilt fabric and embellished
with ribbons, buttons and ric-rac. 
Here's hoping you all have a great weekend.
Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Daisy and the paint

Yesterday was a day of painting.
I suddenly got the urge to make the mood boards
I'd been planning in my head for a while.
The frames were bought last summer 
on a day out in Derbyshire.

Now to choose a colour.
Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Old White.
This paint is so easy to use and dries really quickly.

I gave them a couple of coats each
and while they were drying ...

an unsuspecting table, just minding its own business,
got dragged into the painting party.
Hmm... looked a little scruffy
 (not to be confused with shabby.  Shabby is good.
Scruffy is not!)

But now I was on a role!

I love this little cabinet
but I don't really do yellow.
But which colour should I go for?

Duck Egg Blue or Old White?

I decided on the Old White for the little cabinet..

 and the scruffy table.

I added a bit of Cath Kidston wallpaper ...

and rubbed back the doors.

 I used a thick paper backed foam from Hobbycraft
and covered it with wallpaper.
This makes an ideal surface to stick drawing pins into.
The wallpaper was a little short one side...

 so I added a strip of fabric and a piece of vintage cotton lace.

I was really pleased with the white frame after it had been waxed 
and sanded back.
Another CK wallpaper, this time in blue. 

 Fragments of gold showing through.

Shabby not scruffy.  

Now to find a place to hang them up.
Hope you're having a good evening.
Love Daisy 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Daisy's curtains and other oddities.

While making these curtains recently I remembered
why,  in my last house, I didn't have any curtains up at all.
It was because I dislike making them with such a passion 
that I can't quite believe I had forgotten!
Anyway the trauma is over now and they're up
and I am no longer living in a goldfish bowl.
No one will ever know that the hem at one end is 1 inch deep
while the other end measures 4 inches.
No, no one will ever know.

The house is coming together now.
It's a real mish-mash of furniture collected over the years.
But it's here because I either love it, it's comfortable or slightly odd!

Like this collection.
A baby pink piano, a cookery journal by Jessie Chorley,
a couple of  bears and my velveteen pig-or-bat.

I can't decide which she is.
I found her at an antiques fair many years ago with her torn dress 
and only one arm and had to bring her home.

Lost stuffing bear and ugly mutt always sit together and always have.

Some of the 'Arkellets' sit on the fireplace keeping an eye on the neighbours.

Oh no!  I spy a blank wall!
I will have to sort that. :)

The hearts are gathering on the wall.

My Christmas present to myself was this dottie angel piece.

Simply hung with  my favourite Washi tape.
Have a good weekend chums.
I will be making sample button jewellery for a workshop next weekend.
Daisy xxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Daisy's treasure

Back in November I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.
The Embroiders Guild had a stall with a few boxes of 
'oddments' of donated pieces
no longer required by themselves or their students.
Are they crazy?
Here are a few bits of treasure I rescued from said boxes.

I love smocking and one day I plan to have a go myself...
one day.

Antique metallic thread.

One row finished. 
The second still waiting.
(a bit like a lot of my projects!)

The following pictures are of various sections of beadwork
faded in their glory but beautiful all the same.

When I come across pieces like these my 
imagination runs wild wondering where they came from,
who they belonged to and how the garments must have
looked in their original state.

I also found bits of jewellery.

A tad broken perhaps but I am going to fix them up
and wear them.

I love their muted tones.

This little bracelet sized piece just needs a clasp.

This rather bling number is all hand sewn.
I have no idea what I will use it for yet!

One day it will shout out and be used for ...

As you can gather, I had a great day there.
Thanks for calling in.
Love Daisy xxx