Saturday, 22 September 2012

Daisy's made a pocket with Ellie Evans

I've had the most marvellous of days at
Hope and Elvis making pockets
with the lovely Ellie Evans.
This is some of Ellies work.

Needle books and pin cushions...

Cross stitch heart brooches...

Beautiful hand stitched work in cutlery box frames ...

and stitched purses.
Her work is exquisite with
hours worth of stitching in every piece.

I had a very old piece of patchwork that I
bought years ago which I was saving for
something special.
Today was something special.
I had a go at cross stitching a heart.
It was extremely tiny.

My initials were a bit bigger
and a lot easier.

My pocket was about me and my Mum.
It was Mum who taught me to sew all those years ago.
She patiently threaded needles for me.
She shared her fabric stash so generously with me.
She encouraged me to play with fabric.

From being very little I loved them.
I remember my clothes, the fabric they were made of
and their colours.
That love has never left me.

A wider view...

A work in progress...

I want to add a lot more stitching
before I sew it all together.

There are lots of hiding places for secret words
to be added.

This is the wonderful lady who started it all.
My darling Mum.
Thank you.
A million times - thank you.

To Ellie and Louise...
Thank you for all your inspiration and knowledge
and to the mystery lady who created the fabulous patchwork
thank you for making such a gorgeous piece of work.
It will be treasured.

Love Daisy

Monday, 17 September 2012

A year in the life of Daisy's fireplace

When I first moved into my new home nearly a year ago now
there was something missing.
The lounge lacked a focal point and the wall lights were
placed in a very strange arrangement on the wall.
It screamed fireplace to me but there was no chimney
and very little budget to play with.
Christmas was on the horizon and I really wanted a mantel to dress.

Then I found this in a charity shop.
I didn't know quite how I was going to make it work or fit
but it was a steal so I thought I would give it a try.
Steve helped me collect it and he drove it home in the snow 
with the boot open!

It then had a makeover.
First an undercoat, as it was a tad shiny.

Then a couple of coats of Farrow & Ball and it was ready to assemble.
I looked at fireplace plinths but they were really expensive 
and at the end of the day I wasn't entirely sure this whole idea
would work or if I would like it long term.
So I went to B & Q and asked a very nice man
to cut me a piece of thick MDF to the correct size 
and also a piece to sit at the back of the fireplace frame.
I painted the plinth with a black metallic finish paint.
It worked a treat and I was thrilled with it
but there was still the issue of what to fill the hole with.
(Please also note that I had to check that the Christmas tree would
fit in the corner too!  

So with my new found drill skills I hung a mirror on the wall
and attached the fireplace to the wall so it wouldn't suddenly fall over.
(I can tell you're impressed!)
Then I went for a rummage in my sewing room upstairs 
for just the right bit of fabric to cover the back board.

I found this!
It was the perfect size too.
Whoever made this so many years ago
stopped at just the right time.
Put it away and never made it into anything.
I wonder if she knew...

that I would treasure every stitch ...

even the tacking ones?

It worked!
I loved it!

It made the room feel warm even though
it didn't give off any heat.

I have played all year with it.
Dressing it as the seasons changed.

Adding bits here and there.

Yes, lots of playing and...
hello Dan I didn't see you there!

 Here we are in autumn.

'I'm going now' and 'Looking for clouds'
are living amongst the old books with Owl.

Jessies book keeps them company.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.
The Arkletts bid you farewell.

I wish you the best of days.