Saturday, 26 February 2011

Daisy's been playing

I've had a little time to play.

To hang some pictures,

twinkly lights and bunting.

On a recent trip to Derbyshire I found this cute
mini bunting to finish off my shelves in the kitchen.

I also came across this little beauty in

The bathroom has had a quick makeover too.
I've made a new blind for the window...

added some flowers ...
and found a place for my very useful steps
which also turn into an extra seat when needed.

Then it was the turn of the frame that had been
sitting on the fireplace since I moved in.
After living with it a while I decided to turn it into
a mood board as my old one was too big and didn't
fit anywhere in my new house.
(Please ignore hideous glass behind frame
as I try to every time I walk past it!!)

I chose a vintage looking fabric to back it...

and then started to add the things that inspire me.

It all looks quite neat at the moment but I doubt it will last long!

I have already added extra things since the photo
was taken.

Enjoy your Sunday.
Daisy xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Coast - A day at Hope & Elvis

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get a last
minute place on the Hope & Elvis workshop
called Coast.

The studio is full of inspiration ...

and things from the past.

There are cases full of fabric, buttons, lace, and papers
to choose from.

Last year, while in Cornwall, I collected some sea
glass. At last I have found a way to display
some of it.

I then moved on to this picture transfer.
Picking fabrics that complemented it.

Louise showed us how to make pocket inserts
so I had a go myself.

But now what should I make it into?

I decided on a cuddle cushion in the end with buttons
and a cosy pocket to keep my hands warm
while watching tv.

Then I started to rummage through the driftwood.

I had chosen this selection of fabric to work with.

Perfect for a sailing boat don't you think?

Bunting and sails ...

tied onto the driftwood ...

and part sewn, part glued onto a
feather cushion covered in an old
woollen blanket.

Not the most practical thing I've made
but I love it all the same.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Love Daisy xxx

Welcome to Ginger & Pickles

I made this little shop many moons ago
when the children were small.
(I'm not going to kid you, it was never for them!)
It's looking a little tired now and the 'wisteria' is a
bit bedraggled and sad but inside ...

is the shop of my dreams.
Fat quarters and handmade shirts...

sewing machines, vintage finds and old books ...

threads and sweets in glass jars.

An old wooden counter, crisp brown paper bags
and a grumpy till!

Was this the beginning of the dream I wonder?

Wouldn't you like to visit and have a peek through the window?

Maybe one day it will open its doors for real ...

with Daisy Moon above the window.

I'll keep you posted!
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx