Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Making aprons with Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes

Some months ago, dear friends, I was lucky enough to get a place on 
the above workshop.
Email bookings opened at 7.30 one Monday morning and
by 7.31 all the places were taken!
I have been a huge fan of both Dottie Angel (Tif) and Ted & Agnes
(Rachelle Blondel) for a long time and I love reading
their blogs and hearing about their granny thrifting ways.

Was I excited?
Was I a little star struck?

Nothing to fear though.
The ladies were lovely.
Lovely lovely lovely.

There were granny suitcases full of
peachy goodness to play with...

and lots of fabby fabric too!

This was my suitcase full!
I was determined to use up some of my
stash of retro fabrics.

In the morning we all made very useful wrap around aprons
with very big pockets.
This is mine...
The middle section.

This is the right hand pocket made from a 70's dolls quilt
wilh a doilie to add a bit of granny bling!

A view of the left hand pocket blinged again
with a pink doilie this time.

After an amazing lunch (thank you Louise and Debs!)
 we made a whatnot garland with vintage fabrics,
lace and embroidered tray cloth bits.  
I sewed mine onto an old tape measure and
it is now hanging in my hall.

A reminder of a fabulous day.

As the afternoon drew to a close we hung the 
whatnot garlands outside ...

put on our pinnys ...
(Debs and Louise modelling their new pressies)

and went outside for some photos.

I love my new apron very much
and the memories it holds are very dear.

Here we all are together.
Happy happy happy.

I must say a huge thank you to Louise for arranging such
a fantastic day.
Thank you for reading.
Love Daisy


  1. oh wow i would give a limb to go on one of those workshops!! Lucky you!!

    1. It was an amazing day Claire and I do feel very lucky. I still can't quite believe I've done it!

  2. Lovely to see you and your suitcase, if I wasn't a slave to the kitchen I would have loved to stroke and coo over your treasures!

    1. Tif and Wend had a rummage. Did a great swapsie with Wend too! :) See you Saturday for more fun. xxx

  3. Well I managed to covert Daisy Moon's treasures even whilst slaving away in the kitchen they were too good to miss. It was a great day wasn't it Mandy lots of people with common interests from all over the country stitching and having fun. love Miss Deb's. I wore my Ted and Agnes pinnie with my PJ's and slept with it on my bed (although that was accidental).

    1. It was a truly great day and I loved your apron. xxx

  4. This looks such good fun. I honestly wished I lived nearer to all the amazing classes people go to. Super fun aprons too.

    1. Dear Kay,
      I do feel really lucky to live so close by. The workshops always fill me with inspiration. Thanks for reading. xx

  5. Once again you lucky thing you get to go to another wonderful workshop that is just too far off for little old me.....the pinnies look just splendid , what a great day,, i dont suppose there was any mention of when tif and Rachelles book will be out for sale, i really dont want to miss out on that..
    You and i must meet one day, i think we would talk till the cows come home about our shared love of all things dottie and Arkelly.
    Pixie x

  6. WOW Looks like you had a fabulous day stitching away, love the pinny what a treasure and the bunting is a great way of using all your little pieces of pretty fabrics, Lucey x