Saturday, 30 July 2011


I'm taking part in the RACE FOR LIFE tomorrow.
This year I will be wearing three names
on my back.
All blogland friends.
All fighting the same battle.
With love
Daisy xxx

Monday, 25 July 2011

July treasure

Hi lovelies. 
Here are a few pieces of prettiness
to share for July.

A pink cup and saucer that
I'm using to keep my bits of fabric
jewellery in.

Recent finds from a car boot sale.

A needle case which has the original label
and tags inside.

This has to be one of my all time favourite
car boot finds.
It was full of cigarette cards and the seller
wanted £10.00 for the lot.
"But I only want the box" I said :(

He looked at me in a rather ' you're nuts' way
and sold it to me (well Steve bought it me actually!)
for 50p.  Happy doesn't even cover it!
It made my day. :)

I have a friend on facebook who I shall call Jayne, 
as that is her name!
She has been 'encouraging' me to purchase pink china. 
A lot!
  She kept sending me links about the pink pieces
of china on this post and, well, 
I could have looked the other way or ignored
her messages but I didn't and so          
here they are looking pretty on my shelf 
and taking care of my jewellery.
Thanks Jayne. xxx

Two more great finds.
A floral bowl and ...

this china mosaic tray.

My final photo of the day is of my new pink satchel by Zatchels.
Beautifully crafted.
Have a fab evening.
Daisy xxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cornwall and meeting Poppy Treffry

On my rather brief trip to Cornwall last month...

we did manage to find a bit of sunshine,

a cream tea,

a very lovely sky blue and white beach hut,

and Poppy Treffry's shop of gorgeousness.

By lucky chance on my part Poppy was working in 
the shop...

and yes she is as lovely as the things she makes.

One thing that impressed me very much was that
even her printed tea towels were made in England.

I picked up this card for inspiration.
I'm doing a workshop with Jennifer Collier later
on in the year and we are making paper shoes.

Arty shot of the sea!

A view of the beach.

This little fishing boat reminded me of Poppy's work.

I'm off in search of  shelving in garage
which looks a bit like a junk yard!
Wish me luck!
Have a great day!
Hugs Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Daisy's been making

These are a few of this months makes.
My first attempt at crocheting and it had
to be a daisy of course.
Finished off with a little lemon button it is now
ready to hang on a cardigan or bag perhaps?

The following few photos are of some buttons I've made
using vintage fabrics.
Rosy rose buds...

pink posies...

faded posies on white...

flower sprigs...

soft eiderdown fabric...

and a single rose.
I'm in the process of setting up a
little online shop to put these up for sale in.

Finally after much debate about the pelmet frill needed
in my little dinning area and which fabric to choose
I ended up using an old tablecloth!
Very pleased with the results though.

My nieces came round recently for a sewing day and
Lydia decided that she wanted to make the
chicken on the front of one of her old t-shirts
into a toy and it must have a skirt!
Not the easiest of tasks when you look at the size
of said chickens legs and the size of said
chickens FEET!
A turning nightmare ensued but I'm happy
to say we got there in the end, skirt and all!

These are a few buttons I made for myself...

to go on a beautiful pink aran cardigan that I bought
on holiday in Cornwall.

The buttons on the cardigan were dark blue 
and looked like they might run in the wash
so I replaced them with these vintage ones.

I was then able to happily wash my gorgeous
pink cardi as it did have rather a sheepy smell to it!
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.
Love Daisy xxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dottie Angel Package

A lovely package recently arrived in my post box

Beautifully wrapped.

With this postcard attached...

and a list of Dottie Angel do's on the back.

I had ordered three little note books...

and two tea towels.

The tag had these words on the reverse
which made me smile.

I am planning to hang the tea towel up in the kitchen...

as they are far too precious to just wipe
the dishes with.

Each peachy perfect notebook...

has a different cover...

with this message on the inside cover.

How very yummy don't you think?
Have a wonderfully creative day whatever you're doing.
Love Daisy xxx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Birthday

I've uploaded lots of recent photos today to share
with you all.  Here are a some of my birthday pressies.

While I went to Cornwall Steve went to London for a weekend
with his daughter Hayley.  Look what came back with him!

All my presents were not only wrapped in fabric but
hand sewn at each end and then tied with pink rafia!

from Liberty
These are french mother of pearl buttons from the 1950's

These are plastic ones from the 1970's

These are 1920's cut glass.

These red spotty buttons are
hand painted and from West Germany late 1940's

But it didn't end there.  I also got a
metre of Liberty fabric and

this gorgeous duck egg blue scarf.
What a man!

My friends bought me a  beautiful red Liberty scarf.

My girly whirlys got me a super set of CK tins...

and a fab french notebook.

This lantern came from my mate Kate.

Amy and Rosie also got me this floral jug.
(They spoil their Marmah rotten.)

Rosie made Lemon Meringue cup cakes to sit
on a pink cake stand from my Mum. (They didn't last long!)

So light and dreamy. Yum!

I was truly touched to receive this.
Steve doesn't buy cards (don't go there!)
So instead he made me one.
Big Smile. :)

Have a lovely day whatever you're up to.
Daisy xxx