Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A sewing room for Daisy

No I haven't been burgled!
My poor sewing room was the designated
dumping ground over Christmas.

It has been impossible to really get down to
making anything as I have been unable to even
find a thimble!

Gradually things have found their place
thanks to my collection of tins and
my Dymo label machine!

I seem to have a collection of twine!

A close up.
Now everything has its own tin.

Things are starting to look sorted.

I can see my fabric!

It's all feeling a bit more inspirational.

Stacked boxes ...

and spare suitcases ready to be filled.

Ta Da!

A saucepan of Japanese tape.

I have learnt something new about myself today.
I always knew that I collected 'stuff'.
But I had no idea I had a collection of old
coat hangers!

Including pink ones of course!

 Thanks for visiting.
Have a lovely evening.
Daisy xxx


  1. Oh my word!!! I cannot believe how tidy you have made it,it looks beautiful :) Wish I was there to sit and create with you x

    1. Ahh I've only shown the good bits. Still a bit messy but at least I can see the carpet and then there is the small matter of your wardrobe which I can't get to because of the Christmas boxes! Will it ever end?!!!! xxx

  2. Mandy you give me hope that one day i will have the space to get organised to somewhere near your level .... or not love Annie H xxx

    1. Dear Annie, It is lovely to have a craft room although keeping it tidy is another matter :) xxx

  3. Hi Mandy, your craft room looks wonderful. Love how organised your tins are with their Dymo labels, what a good idea that is!
    I'm off to York in the morning, hoping it doesn't rain too much!
    Carol xx

    1. Hi Carol
      Hopefully it will stay that way for a while at least! Have a lovely day
      in York. Xxx

  4. All you need now are some pink dresses to hang on your lovely old hangers. Lucey x

  5. very very tidy!

    I ought to do that ... sigh...

  6. Oh your lovely little sewing room, looks wonderful........

    I was very interested to see how you had stored everything as I am in the process of turning my spare room, into a sewing room...

    Love the storage shelves for the fabric. I shall have to trawl through some oppies and see what furniture I can find.
    I'm on a mission now, so stand back people, I'm coming through, hehe...

    Claire :}

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  8. hello Daisy, thanks for following my blog and sharing your sewing room. My sewing room is still half decluttered.
    Even when it is tidy it doesnt last!!

    deleted previous comment, cos of a dreadful spelling mistake!

  9. Dear Ladies,
    Thank you for popping by and leaving lovely comments xx