Thursday, 19 January 2012

Daisy's treasure

Back in November I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.
The Embroiders Guild had a stall with a few boxes of 
'oddments' of donated pieces
no longer required by themselves or their students.
Are they crazy?
Here are a few bits of treasure I rescued from said boxes.

I love smocking and one day I plan to have a go myself...
one day.

Antique metallic thread.

One row finished. 
The second still waiting.
(a bit like a lot of my projects!)

The following pictures are of various sections of beadwork
faded in their glory but beautiful all the same.

When I come across pieces like these my 
imagination runs wild wondering where they came from,
who they belonged to and how the garments must have
looked in their original state.

I also found bits of jewellery.

A tad broken perhaps but I am going to fix them up
and wear them.

I love their muted tones.

This little bracelet sized piece just needs a clasp.

This rather bling number is all hand sewn.
I have no idea what I will use it for yet!

One day it will shout out and be used for ...

As you can gather, I had a great day there.
Thanks for calling in.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. What exquisite things, all so beautiful, how lovely that people have passed them on, lucky you! I was at Harrogate too but missed these treasure boxes!
    Sally x

    1. I nearly missed them too Sally. They were hidden at the bottom of two very boring plastic boxes and it was only when I started to rummage around that the lady behind the desk started to tell me where they had come from. The info only made me dig deeper! There was quite a crowd by the time I left as they could hear my squeals of delight! xxx

  2. Can't believe the students would give away all those lovely pieces, what are their mothers thinking of!!! Love the smocking in the first picture wonder what you'll "transform" it into??? Lucey x

    1. I have to say that is my favourite piece and the first thing I spotted! Will post an update on any transformations in the future. xxx

  3. What beautiful finds. Well rescued!
    Carol xx

    1. Thanks Carol. I like to think I have given them a good home. :) xxx

  4. Ooooooh what lovely trinkets and treasures.
    pixie x

  5. Dear Pixie,
    I have to say I do love them just a little bit. xxx