Saturday, 21 January 2012

Daisy's curtains and other oddities.

While making these curtains recently I remembered
why,  in my last house, I didn't have any curtains up at all.
It was because I dislike making them with such a passion 
that I can't quite believe I had forgotten!
Anyway the trauma is over now and they're up
and I am no longer living in a goldfish bowl.
No one will ever know that the hem at one end is 1 inch deep
while the other end measures 4 inches.
No, no one will ever know.

The house is coming together now.
It's a real mish-mash of furniture collected over the years.
But it's here because I either love it, it's comfortable or slightly odd!

Like this collection.
A baby pink piano, a cookery journal by Jessie Chorley,
a couple of  bears and my velveteen pig-or-bat.

I can't decide which she is.
I found her at an antiques fair many years ago with her torn dress 
and only one arm and had to bring her home.

Lost stuffing bear and ugly mutt always sit together and always have.

Some of the 'Arkellets' sit on the fireplace keeping an eye on the neighbours.

Oh no!  I spy a blank wall!
I will have to sort that. :)

The hearts are gathering on the wall.

My Christmas present to myself was this dottie angel piece.

Simply hung with  my favourite Washi tape.
Have a good weekend chums.
I will be making sample button jewellery for a workshop next weekend.
Daisy xxx


  1. Oooooh you have Arkellets and a Dottie Angel! It all looks really lovely, your pig/bat is so sweet and I covet your snowdrop tray.
    No, you can't tell you have odd hems on your curtains, no one will ever know, I promise not to tell!
    Hope y0u are having a lovely weekend
    Carol xx
    p.s. will have to google Washi tape.

  2. What a lovely little mooch around your home, looking at your treasures...

    Julie Arkell and Dottie Angel, little bears and your velveteen piglet/bat all so adorable .

    As for the curtain hem issue.....does it really matter, no one will notice and they do the job besides there are soooo many more interesting things to admire.

    Claire :}

  3. It all looks lovely. PS I am the one you met in the wool shop with 2 bones deb about 2 months ago. xxxxx

  4. Hello :0 I love your blog! I like the way you've put the cotten on the wall in a heart, very cute! Your house is looking lovely!

  5. Seems to be the perfect use for washi tape!

  6. Love your Julie Arkell dolly isn't she sweet. Everywhere looks lovely with all your bits and pieces out I bought my mam some "snowdrop" pots like yours and I put a single snowdrop in each one, Lucey x

  7. You have done a great job on your curtains! I love the colour! And your hardwood floors are stunning. I too love the dottie angel .... That's how I came by here, from your comment on Tiff's blog....and now I am following you. You are welcome to stop by and visit with me too, if you are so inclined! My 'screen' door is always open to you!

    Ciao Bella