Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years Resolution # 1 - To read more books

I love books!
I have so many I could start a library.
Books from my childhood, old books with funny titles, books that just say 'buy me'
because they look or feel so beautiful.
Here are a few newbies I've recently added to my collection.

has been my constant companion since I moved here
in November.  It is crammed with inspiration both through
her words and quirky photos.
The cover has a machine stitched postcard on the front
with trailing thread and a dottie angel name tag glued to the back
giving it a journal feel.

There are lots and lots of scrummy pictures to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over.

As an avid collector of, well lots of things really,
I found this book fascinating.

Since moving home the thought of being able to put whatever I want
on any wall I choose has been quite daunting.
(Like starting a new  page in a journal)

This book encourages you to experiment.
Now I've started there's no stopping me!
(but that's a blog for another day)

I love Kirstie.
However I have struggled with her last tv series.
I felt it was rather' fixed'.

This book has great photos and 50 different projects to try.
Would I buy it again?
Sadly no :(

Etcetera by Sibella Court
 is so tactile.
It has a brown paper dust jacket
and pages set out like a sketchbook.

Very useful for collectors of 'stuff'.

Showing unusual ways to display your treasure.

Wonderful, organic feel.

Although the idea of living in a pale environment
really appeals to me
the reality of living with two dogs and
the fact that I am incapable of taking my
boots off every time I go in and out the house
means that this is a book of 
fanciful dreams in my present world.

It is lovely to sit with a cuppa and dream though.

Cath Kidston - Patch - Buy it!

It is so full of colour, ideas, patterns and a kit.
 Love it!

My final newbie is Rachel Ashwell's
Shabby Chic Inspirations
and it does as it says on the cover.

Jam packed with beautiful spaces to drool over.

Including Rachel's Malibu beach house ...
even her laundry looks lovely!

I will return soon with another resolution.
Have you made any?
Daisy xxx


  1. I got Kirsties book for christmas and I fancy making the robin, the dottie angel book looks lovely. I spy a big stack of fabric in the piccie do you have any intensions of sewing I wonder!! Lucey x

  2. Would love the Dotty book I am sure. I got the Patch book for Christmas and I too love it. I really liked the look of your pile of fabric what's it going to be? Hope to see you soon.

  3. I find that the 'positive' resolutions are much easier to keep so I intend to do more cross stitch, more crochet and more gardening!
    I ordered Patch earlier today, I'd debated over it then read Sal Snippets post yesterday and that decided me. So many books, so little time!
    Carol xx

  4. Hi Mandy, I have always got a couple of books on the go too. I pick up most of mine at car boot sales in spring and summer and then have enough to last all year,I then pass them on to a lady who sells them again for an animal charity. I love books as pressies too especially the crafting ones.
    Just found your blog from Sally's over at Lavender Attic X

  5. wow, how inspiring. I love books too (now I've got some more to add to my list!). Ryland Peters & Small books are great. I love 'The Relaxing Home', 'Junk Style' and 'Flea Market Finds' (or something) and right now I'm enjoying Sania Pell's Homemade Home . . phew!

    Happy New Year to you :)


  6. OOHH BOOKS! I am the same Mandy. Have a gerzillion patchwork books. Edwardian with lovely covers cannot be passed by. 50/60s Childrens adventure stories (read them all) Have tryed to stop but 'resistance is futile'!! Nettie xx