Monday, 9 January 2012

New Years Resolution # 2 - Refrain from buying any more goodies until sewing room tidy.

I'm afraid # 2 is a BIG FAT FAIL!
I took Rosie back to Uni in Northampton yesterday.
Just round the corner from where she lives is
We always call in for a 'look'.
This sewing box bought memories flooding back to me.
It was the same as my very first sewing box!
Well, how could I leave it?
So that was the start of the BIG FAT FAIL!

All threads 'as new'.

Pretty coloured knitting yarns and mini needles.
(I have plans for these!)

Next came this linen nightie with the initials
F K and 2 on it in tiny cross stitch - mine!

More memories 
'Tell Me' game with questions in English and French.
Loving the colours on the cards.

Little Red Riding Hood wall hanging.
I feel a few embroidered words being added here.

Bag of old ribbons in pink ...

with a sneaky bit of green!

Another bag of old ribbons.
This time I picked blue.

How could I resist this yellow gingham vintage ribbon
with embroidered red roses on?

This Victorian tied pillowcase jumped in my basket while 
my back was turned!
(hang on! I didn't have a basket!!)

You know I can't resist a book.
Beautiful cover.

Bonus handwriting inside.
Thank you Telford for writing in it all those years ago.

I couldn't leave this behind because of the aged pages ...

and the signature...

but most of all because of the title.

A baby blue edged woollen blanket
with pink ribbon ...

pretty pink playing cards...

and these fairy tale playing cards unopened
and in a decorated red box finished off my BIG FAT FAIL.

If you haven't made any silly New Years Resolutions like mine
and your'e in area it is definitely worth a visit.

They have an amazing cafe and cake shop too. 

I hope you are managing to keep your NYR's better than I am !
Daisy xxx


  1. I think your fail was a marvelous one. Love all the items that jumped into your invisible basket. I have the Tell Me game too - haven't played it yet though. My sewing room/spare room is a complete tip hey ho it will be tidy one day.

  2. Well I don't blame you for breaking your resolution, brilliant finds. It must truly be a 'Most Marvellous' shop. Long time since I visited Northampton, it was for a football match and we stayed at the Saxon Inn, don't know if it still exists.
    My resolutions are - more cross stitch (tick - finished a tiny Piglet picture and a bookmark) more crochet (tick - two pairs of wristwarmers) and more gardening (half a tick - I went for a walk round!)
    If I had made one for decluttering I would be doing well on that, several bags to charity shops today.
    Carol xx

  3. Howsers, what a many wonderful things.

    Am loving the embroidered gingham ribbon and the books. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to resist these either.

    Without doubt the sewing room will get tidied but later rather than sooner.

    Claire :}

  4. There wasn't any one of those things you could have left behind now was there,they deserved a very good home and you took them all!! Love the sewing basket what a find, we had the "tell me" game too. I can just imagine a tiny cuddly baby wrapped lovingly in that blue blanket, ah bless, Lucey x

  5. What an amazing haul! Thanks for the trip down memory lane... I had one of those Tell Me games as a child, and I played with it for hours!! x

  6. OOHH! Love EVERYTHING!!! Not a fail when you have plans for them!!♥

  7. Thats a very smart plan!! Goodness i can't even get motivated to get clearing yet!!
    such a lovely blog you have
    Claire xo.