Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Daisy and the paint

Yesterday was a day of painting.
I suddenly got the urge to make the mood boards
I'd been planning in my head for a while.
The frames were bought last summer 
on a day out in Derbyshire.

Now to choose a colour.
Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and Old White.
This paint is so easy to use and dries really quickly.

I gave them a couple of coats each
and while they were drying ...

an unsuspecting table, just minding its own business,
got dragged into the painting party.
Hmm... looked a little scruffy
 (not to be confused with shabby.  Shabby is good.
Scruffy is not!)

But now I was on a role!

I love this little cabinet
but I don't really do yellow.
But which colour should I go for?

Duck Egg Blue or Old White?

I decided on the Old White for the little cabinet..

 and the scruffy table.

I added a bit of Cath Kidston wallpaper ...

and rubbed back the doors.

 I used a thick paper backed foam from Hobbycraft
and covered it with wallpaper.
This makes an ideal surface to stick drawing pins into.
The wallpaper was a little short one side...

 so I added a strip of fabric and a piece of vintage cotton lace.

I was really pleased with the white frame after it had been waxed 
and sanded back.
Another CK wallpaper, this time in blue. 

 Fragments of gold showing through.

Shabby not scruffy.  

Now to find a place to hang them up.
Hope you're having a good evening.
Love Daisy 


  1. Oh my lord this all looks fantastic!!!!!!!! And where are mine?!! x

  2. Very nice, you did a great job, what you painting next? lol
    Have a great evening :)
    Mantha xx

    1. Hi Mantha,
      I think chairs and a rather boring looking dresser could be next! x

  3. Oh my happy days !!! Just lovely ! Xxxx

  4. They look lovely now, the cupboard is fabulous and those are the prettiest mood boards I have ever seen.
    I've got Washi tape!
    Carol xx

    1. Hi Carol. Thank you so much. Glad you found some washi tape. I just love it. :)x

  5. wow, these look great. I see bits of furniture so often and think...oooo...i could shabby chic that, but i'm always a bit scared to take the plunge!

    1. My advice would be to try on a small piece first from a car boot maybe and play. A couple of coats and a quick rub back and bobs your uncle! x

  6. I like the idea of the lace down the side of the frame it realy pretties it up, I love the colour you've painted the frame aswell, Lucey x

    1. Dear Lucey, It was a very happy quick fix! x

  7. Ciao Daisy,
    the restoration of these frames and this furniture is extraordinary,
    decorating with roses I love so much.
    Well done great result.

  8. You have made a fab job of everything.I love it all.X

  9. Must be in the air Mandy I spent a few hours painting the furniture in youngest daughter's room Annie Sloan Paris Grey it looks so much better. Good ole Annie. DD3 is so pleased she is nearly 15 and still has a pink bedroom with fairies - not good for her street cred. It is going to be grey, black, white with a splash of cerise she is so excited. Take care TTFN Debs x

    1. Sounds fab Debs. Will you be posting photos? xxx

  10. Hey Daisy, love the makeovers, they all look fab and how sweet is that little cabinet?.....

    Annie Sloan paint certainly seems to be popular, not sure if it's available in Oz.

    I want to make a mood board for my 'new' sewing room, and found a huge cork board under the spare bed, so shall check out what paint is in the shed first.....

    Love the idea of a 'paint party' too....

    Claire :}

  11. Fabric is good for covering cork too. Annie Sloan is a chalk based paint so maybe you have something similar over there. I seal it with a coat of clear wax on top. Xx

  12. Looks gorgeous! Love the shabby chic frame x

    1. Thank you Em. It was lovely of you to call by. xx

  13. Love it all, especially the little shelf...and of course I am a huge CK fan. xx

    1. Thank you so much. I'm a big fan too! Could you tell?
      :) xx