Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Daisy's been making again

We had a delivery of ribbons in the shop recently.
They were so yummy that I needed to have a play.

I decided to make bunting to show the ribbon samples.
They needed to be quite firm to stop them from flopping
out of shape so I used wadding inside the bunting.
This seems to have worked really well.

But then my head started buzzing with more bunting ideas ...
This does say buttons but the lighting was too bright
and my photographing skills are sometimes a bit off!

Ahh proof! A close up of the 'tt' ...

and the 'but'!

Then I realised it would have been rude to leave the threads
out as they sit quietly between the ribbons 
and the buttons.

So I played.
 Stitching lots of different threads...

and I left them trailing...

just because.

Here it is completed.

Thanks for stopping by.
Daisy xxx


  1. I did spot those whilst in the shop they are fab. Sat here hooking away with the wool I bought from Heath's it's looking good think H my nephew will love it.

  2. Hello Daisy, What pretty bunting I have just popped by after your lovely message, I will come back and have a better look at your lovely blog this evening after work xx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  3. Hi Mandy, love your bunting, have been at a fair all day and just got your message...feel quite at home with the yummy quilt.:-)
    Have folowed your blog too xx look forward to having a browse

  4. Lovely bunting! It looks really different - a very clever idea.

    Pomona x

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment, I love Christmas too so much xxxxx
    Lynn xx

  6. I love your bunting, really, really lovely. x