Thursday, 6 October 2011

Three seasons in an afternoon - A post for Nettie & Jenny x

Last week, while the weather was beautifully warm still,
I decided to have a good tidying up session in the garden.

This patio area has been a life saver this summer in my
tiny little home.
Another living space outside to eat and entertain in.

It is, at the moment, a mixture of seasons.
Flowers in their faded beauty ...

alongside some in full summer bloom.

Autumn seeds...

 fallen leaves and ...

80 degree temperatures!

While packing away some prettiness...

a parcel arrived from Wood & Wood Stool.

 My first Christmas decoration of the year!
Its made of old painted timbers and the colours are perfect for me.

I also ordered a Daisy Moon sign and its PINK!
A real thrill as it was a complete surprise :)

Three seasons in an afternoon.

Balmy English weather.
Have a great Thursday.
Hugs Daisy xxx


  1. Such lovely colours on your "tree" is it an indoor or outdoor tree? it could be used for both, I bet you have just the "spot" in mind for it. Hope the class went well yesterday, Lucey x

  2. Hasn't it been so beautiful! Love your tree and sign! Popped into the shop and saw your ribbon bunting, fab idea!
    Sally x

  3. I just love those wooden Christmas trees, i may treat myself to one too, they have a lot of potential.
    Lovely post.

  4. We did a bit of tidying up last week, at that stage the leaves hadn't really become a problem, then at the weekend...... down they came! Thankfully we got the wind yesterday and today so they have, ahem, been redistributed.
    Love your tree and your fabulous pink Daisy Moon sign.
    Carol xx
    p.s. I've joined the world of blogging! Scary.

  5. Hej Mandy! thanks for your sweet post. Cheers, Ingrid