Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Daisy's Moving Home

I am setting off on another journey dear bloggers
and will be off line for 3 weeks thanks to Sky and
their incredible slow service. :(

By the time I'm back on line I will have much to tell of
the decorating adventures I've been on.
These gorgeous wings arrived on the day I got the keys to my new house.
Time to fly...

A few before shots of  my new home.
Hmmm  the 'beam me up Scotties' need to go!

Ahh that looks better already.
 Well it doesn't, but it will !

The dining room before being 'Mandyfied'.

The living room in a similar state.
Nice floor though.

My bedroom with doors onto the garden.
Three guesses what colour this room will be?

Pink, pink or PINK!

A quick snap of the garden.

I have big plans for this little beauty.

Even the white paint is pink!
Who ever invented this wonderful stuff deserves
a great big hug!
Perfect for ceilings, goes on pink and then turns white.

Ahh, well, they were on offer at B & Q !
It would have been rude not to.

Stay well and happy my friends.
I will return asap with an update.
Lots of love
Daisy xxx


  1. can't wait to see what you do with your new home
    xx fee

  2. Hi Mandy, Just sent you an e mail and then flicked over here, "Happy new house" please e mail me your address as I'd like to send you a card,. Jan xx

  3. Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy your new home x

  4. Hi Mandy, how exciting, hope you will be very happy in your lovely new home.
    Hope your t'internet connection is soon up and running. I'm with Plusnet http://www.plus.net/onepound/?WT.mc_id=sem_001ac and they are first class, big plus is that they are a Yorkshire company.
    Carol xx

  5. Looks like a wonderful fixer upper! Can't wait to see the final results!

    Missing Amsie Blog