Saturday, 15 October 2011

Daisy Moon's Sewing Days - Recent photos

I thought you might like to see a few makes from
my recent workshops.
These lovely ladies joined the beginners patchwork workshop.
Here they are posing with their first ever attempt at patchwork and quilting.
Three cushion covers to be proud of.

Here they are again when they realised they were going to be on my blog!

Another first timer with her patchwork throw.

Steve 'modelling' another pretty throw.
This one was made with a super soft backing.

That was followed by Autumn and Halloween.
Una made this pumpkin wall hanging.

Maureen, Tracy and Nicola made witches.
All three witches went home without hair however as
they spent most of the day in fits of laughter!

I love the spider fabric on Tracy's skirt.

Nicola's witches hair is 'resting' on top of her head.
(Don't be fooled!)
A great day was had by all. :)

Now onto a doll workshop.
Three gorgeous girls sitting amongst the fabric.

Annie's pretty Annie doll with her pinny and bow.

Another patchwork session.
This was Cara's first attempt at patchwork too.
She picked it all up very quickly and tried a lot
of different techniques while creating a unique piece 
which she was totally thrilled with. 

Una's hand finished piece is now hanging in the shop 
on display until Christmas.

Christine joined the applique class to make the 'Chicks rule' wall hanging.
Lots of bright colours used here to make a very cheery picture.

Work in progress ... pumpkins,

Sunbonnet Sue and...

an Annie hiding behind a gingham chook!

Ahh The Boss keeping order!

Here's Jenny and her fab doorstop.

This free machine embroidery cushion was made by a 'newby'.
I remember hearing 'I don't sew and I don't do flowers'.
I think she does both rather well!

Onto a bag class.
This was a 'lets make it up as we go along' bag!

This bag in the making has wonderful autumnal colours
patched together.

Finally I love this batik bag made with fancy stitching on
the pocket and a homemade hand turned button.
This lady has already been back for more fabric to make another one!

Phew! Rather a lot of photo's but I hope you enjoyed seeing
what great talent we have in Nottinghamshire.
Have a great evening folks.
Daisy xxx


  1. Oh lovely stuff - I would love to attend a doll making one - I havent made a doll for years.

  2. Thankyou Daisy.
    It's a lovely day here in the south, so I cant stay in bed!!
    Nice to meet a fellow fabricolic!


  3. Love the quilts, love the dollies, love the chicks in fact I love everything!! You can see everything has been made with such love and care and loads of fun, Lucey x