Tuesday, 25 August 2015

London was too big for a small dog

Well it's been over a week, and I know I'm a very bad boy.

But it has been a very busy couple of weeks and I know I promised to tell you about Daisy's visit to London but we haven't had a minute to ourselves. Last week it was work, work, and even more work, plus there was family stuff to take care of.

But I'm back now and Daisy was so excited about London, and of course seeing Jessie. Daisy said it was  a good job I didn't go with her because London is so crowded I might have got stepped on and I didn't want that.

Jessie opened at 11 o'clock on the Saturday morning and Daisy was on the tube by 10 o'clock excitedly clutching her sewing bag. However the tube doesn't go all the way to Jessie's and so Daisy had to negotiate London buses which is not as easy as it sounds.

That being said she made it. Can you tell how happy she is?

Book signed and glass of Prosecco, what a way to start the day. Now if I didn't go and Daisy is in the picture, who do we have to thank? Well that would be Louise of Hope and Elvis, thank you for letting me use your pictures.

Daisy met some of her friends too. It was a very girlie day.

Jessie has restyled the shop and it's so beautiful and very Jessie too.

The picture is a little blurred but Daisy was so excited she was even trembling on the train going down to London, so you can imagine what she was like on the day.

She had calmed down a little by this time though. 

While Daisy was on the train can you guess what she was doing?

That's right. She was making hexies with beautiful pieces of vintage fabric. Have thread will travel is her moto, however, there was a moment of panic in the hotel when she discovered that she  hadn't got any red thread! If I'd been there I would have found some for her, but she left me at home. Wait a second while a brush away the tear and blow my nose.

There was a sewing workshop outside and Daisy was first in.   (What a surprise!)

It seems that sewing on the pavement is permitted in London, who knew? Daisy's dress was much admired, and I think a few people wanted one for themselves.

While Daisy was down in London she took some time to walk around the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery too. They were just around the corner from the hotel. 

On the Sunday she went to the Imperial War Museum and walked around the World War 1 exhibition and took a picture of the first poppy to be made.

A sad and moving sight.

There is a rumour that Jessie will be having another sewing day in November, hands up anyone who thinks that Daisy will be attending that one too.

Three, four, five, seven.... oh I can't count that high, but yes you're right she will be there.

If you're in London and want somewhere that is welcoming and lovely go and see Jessie she is one of the most amazing people, and she likes dogs.

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  1. What fun! I'm far away in Arkansas, enjoying your blog.
    The patchwork dress is lovely, I must find your posts about it!