Friday, 14 August 2015

Daisy's in London this weekend, but I'm still at home

This is just a quick post.

Shhhh, I can't type too loudly or Rosie will hear me, that's Daisy's youngest daughter. She's dog sitting this weekend because Daisy said London isn't a good place for Georges so I have to stay at home.

I'll mope around all day and sleep, I might even get a walk, so it's just like any other day really.

So why is Daisy in London you may well ask? Saturday is the reopening of Jessie Chorley's shop and that's something that Daisy isn't going to miss.

So if you're in London this weekend go to Columbia Road, the flower market is brilliant, and go to see Jessie, she's a lovely person (and she likes dogs!).

Now where did I put that teddy.

You'll never leave me will you teddy.

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  1. Im really enjoying Georges little tales, ha. Hope you have alovely weekend in London and I'll look forward to seeing loads of pictures of your travels xx