Thursday, 6 August 2015

Why the long face George?

You may well ask

Well it's the Festival Of Quilts tomorrow at the Birmingham NEC and apparently dogs aren't aloud to go! I mean who ever thought up such a rule? Was there a meeting I missed?

Anyway, Daisy is going which I suppose is what you really wanted to hear. As you can see she already has her name tag. If you get a chance do stop her and admire it, it really is a beautiful piece if sewing. I sometimes wish I had thumbs so that I could have a go.

 Over the past few months Daisy has been making hexagons, or hexies as she calls them. It's something she can take with her wherever she goes, which means she always has something to sew. Just the other week she had a day in London and on the train journey down there she made lots of them.

Sewing is easy, it's just putting two bits of fabric together with a thread. The art is putting the 'right' two bits of fabric together. She will sit in her chair at night and rearrange hexies until they look just right.

Most of the fabric are precious to her and so have to be just right.

Sometimes Daisy won't even know what the finish piece will look like, it's almost like the process of touching and sewing the old fabric takes on a life of it's own and communicates what needs to be done through her finger tips.

But then what do I know, I'm just a dog.

Although, I am Daisy's dog.

Now you may well ask where are you George? Well one thing that's happened this year is that Daisy was invited to host classes at Hope and Elvis.

Sometimes during the daytime classes I get to join her and of course I have my own quilt and as many strokes and fusses as I can take. Which is a serious amount.

If you would like to know more about the classes, there is a newsletter that goes out once a month via email. If you would like a copy to drop into your inbox then email Daisy at

Here's some more hexies waiting to be turned into something lovely. I wonder what it will be this time.

One thing that Daisy loves doing is sewing vintage fabrics onto old paper and letters, even envelopes, nothing is safe. Simple blues become a sea and before you know it the sea demands a sailing boat.

I have to say that this one is my favourite. Who would have thought to make a simple nine patch into a paper nine patch. Each heart is needle turned and the paper has to be pricked to make the hole for the needle to go through.

This piece took a lot of time  and so much care.

When it was finished the whole piece was only six inches by six inches.

Daisy does like to make little books out of old pieces of linen which she can then sew into, plus she has a thing for red shoes as you can see.

Another framed piece and this time I thought I'd show you the stitching on the back.

Wouldn't it just be the best thing in the world if you got a letter through you door that looked like this. It would make your day and make you smile for the rest of the day.

Another piece with a Christmas theme. You know sometimes they make me wear Elf hats at Christmas. There must be a picture somewhere. Although it might get chewed so no one will ever see it. Damn, the camera is digital!!

Does any fellow hound out there know how to delete pictures?

Framed hexies, it's there own fault they didn't have an alibi.

I adore the little buttons on these shoes.

So it's time to close the book on another Daisy post. Did you see what I did there? Using the picture to end the post.

Daisy says it's nearly my bedtime, so I'll leave you all now, but I'll write about Daisy and the Quilt show soon as she brings me some pictures.

And remember a lick from a dog is just because you taste nice. 

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