Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Festival of Quilts 2011 - Birmingham NEC

Last Thursday my friend Jenny and I visited the Festival of Quilts
in Birmingham.  These are some of my favourite entries.

This piece in memory of baby Peter and all the children like him

Their names embroidered onto flowers made of fabric...

 resting on a cushion made from a piece of antique quilt.
Thought provoking and beautiful.

In my head I am brewing up an item of clothing that I would love to make.
This piece is constructed with...

the seams on the outside - loving that.

This quilt caught my eye in the schools section.

Loads of creativity in it.

Then to the mini quilts.
Beautiful beach huts...

in yummy colours...

with a seaside theme hanging underneath.

 This lovely Liberty mini quilt was made by my friend Jenny.

Jenny also made this one too!
"Here's one you'll like Jenny" said I 
as we approached it.

She had kept her entries a secret!

Full of gorgeous bits from her collection.

Next up is this quilt made from paper.

So much to look at on this one.

A very inspirational artist.

This was the Foundling quilt.
Read about the foundlings here

Beautifully represented.

This quilt made me want to do research.

During my trip to London last weekend I went 
over to the Foundling Museum and
bought the book.
I will post about that later.

This was another school quilt .
The sampler lettering tugged at my heart.
You could feel their concentration coming through.

I hope you enjoyed the whirlwind trip round my favourite
quilts at the show.
Hugs Daisy xxx


  1. I really liked Jennys Quilt, it was quite difficult to get close to it as it was so popular with people studying it!!! Wasn't it a fabulous day out :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. We had such a brilliant day too, it was amazing, so much to look at, so many ideas! Jenny's quilt was my favourite quilt and I didn't realize she made the Liberty one too, that was one as my favourites as well! Unfortunately I had camera problems so my photos of Louises' didn't come out, and the ones I took of Jennys weren't in focus properly, probably because I was too excited! Your photos are much better. Did you do any shopping?! Sally x

  3. beautiful images in this exhibition of quilts.
    Thanks for showing me.

  4. Sounds like you had a marvellous time, there's some very tallented people out there to create such wonderful quilts. The Foundling one brought a lump in my throat just thinking about all the abandoned babies in the 1700's, would love to have seen the whole quilt, Lucey x (Thank you for your kind offer I'll let you know if I decide to come down.)

  5. great choices. My mum went there and usually has a quilt in each year. I was meant to go too, but simply couldn't fit it in.

    Thanks for stopping by. the book Dibs, sounds perfect even more so given you said it was applicable to your work with autism, maybe it would help with my own son . . . .