Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Daisy does the window

There has been a great lack of blogs from
yours truly lately but there is a good reason.
The Boss has been away and I was asked to
work a few more days than normal and
do the window display.
I was given free range to do as I pleased. YAY !
(My Boss is a brave man)

Now those that visit my blog often will know that 
A perfect opportunity I thought !

I started with a mood board.
Then I raided my garage for bits of furniture
and various bits and bobs from home 
then I started gathering in the shop :)

The theme was ' creating mends the soul'

I filled it with a mixture of pieces created with love.

Old alongside new.

To encourage people to have a go...

to find their own joy in making.

It's really what this shop is all about.

It's a friend on the high street.

If you're ever over this way please call in
and you'll see what I mean.
Enjoy your evening.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. Window display looks fab. I haven't popped over to the shop for ages must put it on my to do list.

  2. It looks so pretty, really beautiful things, I hope to get to the shop in the next week or so to have a closer look! I recognise your beautiful flowers from JB's workshop!
    Sally x

  3. Hi Daisy
    It all looks gorgeously pretty and nostalgic; crafting is essential for sanity in the modern world. Well done you!
    I am coveting the hexagon quilt! x

  4. Is there no end to your talents??? You've done a great job there the display looks lovely. I was once on holiday at sherwood forest and I found that shop and I remember buying a few "folk style" patterns to sew and a big bunch of lavender, it must be lovely to work there surrounded by all those lovely wools and fabrics, Lucey x

  5. Thanks girls for all your lovely comments. I had such fun doing it. Watch out for the Christmas window! xxx

  6. Hi Mandy I love your window, def inviting.
    I used to dress windows in my local charity shop, its great fun.

  7. You did that window very well!
    What did the boss think ;) ?

  8. He loved it Becky (Thank goodness!) xxx