Friday, 5 August 2011

Jessie Chorley Workshop

I recently had a day for me.
I booked myself on a workshop with Jessie Chorley
at her wonderful shop in London.

The shop was a fairytale world of
hand made treasure.

Cards designed by Jessie tied up with
colourful pieces of cotton.

The window so temptingly full of beautiful vintage
finds which had been lovingly turned 
into something new.

Jessie wearing her fab oversized watch.

Knitted bunting and the Little Red Riding Hood window display.

A vintage pram holds rolls of wrapping paper...

while fru-fru skirts hang with hand made bags and a gorgeous blue wreath.

The day was filled with inspirational pieces from framed hearts to ...

paper mache light shades and ...

voile curtains and giant bows.

Finally for today a display shelf filled with journals.

On Monday I'll show you what we all got up to.
For now, here is a glimpse.

Have a fantastic Friday.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. What beautiful photos...I especially covet the papier mache lightshade!
    We all need (and deserve) 'me' time to relax, be creative or learn something new. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Oh that looks lovely cant wait to see what you made.

  3. Wow you always know where the best places are!! I havn't heard of Jessie before but I shall have a nosey. Looking forward to seeing what you made, no doubt it will be fabulous, Lucey xx