Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Instead of the ironing.

Today I set off with all good intentions to try and clear my ironing mountain but then found myself distracted by a piece of tea dyed muslin in my stash.

After drawing out the pattern in pencil I machined over the line on the body...

and around the arms and legs.

She was then stuffed with rags and bits of leftover calico. This gives a heavy and bumpy feel to the doll.

Next comes the face carefully stitched and blusher added for some rosy cheeks.

Her 'hat /ears' are an inpiration from my love of Julie Arkell creatures.

Add a button to hide a small mark on the vintage dolly tights.

I have never been able to resist vintage dolly dresses on my travels and have thought for a while how great it would be to make some dolls to fit them. Now complete with her socks she is finished but my ironing sadly is not!


  1. this is amazing!! I bought the book last year (Julie Arkell) for my sister. I got inspired to make a doll too and it took AGES - and it's still not finished. Would love to know how long this took you?!

    (ps thanks for the blog listing and compliment on my work :)

  2. Hi Amelia,
    A couple of hours for this one but if you use paper mache much longer!
    I'm going on a Julie Arkell workshop at the end of this month. I can't wait! I just love all her stuff. I have made some more dolls with Arkell features. I will post photos over the weekend. x

  3. I love it - and I love your blog -especially the motley crew!