Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Beauty all around.

After driving my husband to Newark train station a brown paper parcel was waiting on the door step when I returned.

The Secret Garden ordered from Milly and Dotties Emporium.

It came beautifully wrapped in green tissue paper and tied with string.

And is full of gorgeous illustrations.
I have to confess that I took rather a long coffee break looking through it.

But then back to the real world. I changed the bed and put on my favourite Shabby Chic bedding. The cotton is fabulous and is still feels like new two years after I bought it.

Then to the ironing mountain from last week although I have to say I think my p.j's looked scrummy all folded and ready to wear.

Then finally another wonderful sunset. What a sky. If only I could paint!

Enjoy your evening.


  1. Love that book!

    It was one of my favourite when (much)younger...

  2. Hi Monica,
    Thank you for your comment. I have never read the book but I couldn't resist it. Waiting for a spare moment to read it myself. :)

  3. Hi Mandy!
    I have emailed you re the fabric.
    And it's lovely to have discovered your blog...which I will read more of tonight!!
    Thanks again.
    Sal ;-)

  4. what yumminess! I love getting parcels by snail mail! And such lovely bedding, fabrics, sunsets etc - too perfect!!


  5. I love this! I want to share my link to the day when Secret Garden showed up on my doorstep...