Saturday, 6 March 2010

More creatures to share

As promised here are some more creatures inspired by Julie Arkell.
This is 'Lost shoe'.

I just love embroidering words onto things!

Her ears are made of a gorgeous scrap of fabric that came from the States.
The jumper was part of a worn out sock from GAP which I just couldn't throw away.

As you may be aware I work one day a week in a fantastic shop called Heaths Country Store. (I will post some photos soon) My boss, after I showed him 'One shoe' , walked up to me with a pair of mittens on the top of his head and said "Anyone can be a Julie Arkell". The next creature was inspired from that conversation although it looks nothing like Heath!!

She is wearing a beautiful vintage dolly coat with a tiny little doll in her pocket which was knitted by my very talented Mum.

Here they sit, best of friends together.


  1. wow - the world will be alive with these creatures soon! Do you sell them in the shop?


  2. daisymoon-mandy.blogspot.com7 March 2010 at 16:16

    Hi Amelia,
    Not yet. I think I will make a small collection of them first. Thanks for popping by again. Hope you're having a good weekend. x

  3. Love anything by Julie Arkell - did you do a course with or or something?