Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My Birthday

I've uploaded lots of recent photos today to share
with you all.  Here are a some of my birthday pressies.

While I went to Cornwall Steve went to London for a weekend
with his daughter Hayley.  Look what came back with him!

All my presents were not only wrapped in fabric but
hand sewn at each end and then tied with pink rafia!

from Liberty
These are french mother of pearl buttons from the 1950's

These are plastic ones from the 1970's

These are 1920's cut glass.

These red spotty buttons are
hand painted and from West Germany late 1940's

But it didn't end there.  I also got a
metre of Liberty fabric and

this gorgeous duck egg blue scarf.
What a man!

My friends bought me a  beautiful red Liberty scarf.

My girly whirlys got me a super set of CK tins...

and a fab french notebook.

This lantern came from my mate Kate.

Amy and Rosie also got me this floral jug.
(They spoil their Marmah rotten.)

Rosie made Lemon Meringue cup cakes to sit
on a pink cake stand from my Mum. (They didn't last long!)

So light and dreamy. Yum!

I was truly touched to receive this.
Steve doesn't buy cards (don't go there!)
So instead he made me one.
Big Smile. :)

Have a lovely day whatever you're up to.
Daisy xxx


  1. Hope you had a happy, happy birthday.
    Steve made you a really lovely card and the lovingly wrapped buttons and material were brilliant, as were all your presents.
    I bet you haven't stopped smiling!
    Carol xx

  2. Thank you Carol. Steve always makes me smile :) xx