Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Daisy's been making

These are a few of this months makes.
My first attempt at crocheting and it had
to be a daisy of course.
Finished off with a little lemon button it is now
ready to hang on a cardigan or bag perhaps?

The following few photos are of some buttons I've made
using vintage fabrics.
Rosy rose buds...

pink posies...

faded posies on white...

flower sprigs...

soft eiderdown fabric...

and a single rose.
I'm in the process of setting up a
little online shop to put these up for sale in.

Finally after much debate about the pelmet frill needed
in my little dinning area and which fabric to choose
I ended up using an old tablecloth!
Very pleased with the results though.

My nieces came round recently for a sewing day and
Lydia decided that she wanted to make the
chicken on the front of one of her old t-shirts
into a toy and it must have a skirt!
Not the easiest of tasks when you look at the size
of said chickens legs and the size of said
chickens FEET!
A turning nightmare ensued but I'm happy
to say we got there in the end, skirt and all!

These are a few buttons I made for myself...

to go on a beautiful pink aran cardigan that I bought
on holiday in Cornwall.

The buttons on the cardigan were dark blue 
and looked like they might run in the wash
so I replaced them with these vintage ones.

I was then able to happily wash my gorgeous
pink cardi as it did have rather a sheepy smell to it!
Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. Really pretty daisy (very impressed that's your first attempt!) and love the buttons, those fabrics look beautiful xx

  2. Lovely daisy, you'll be hooked now! It is about 18 months since I learnt to crochet, now can' hardly move for blankets, cushion covers, bags, scarves, fingerless gloves ........ to say nothing of the stash of yarn.
    Your buttons are very special, I'm sure they will sell well.
    Carol xx

  3. love the buttons - crochet is just the best fun.

  4. hello -how lucky where you to go to a work shop with Julie Arkell....