Monday, 25 July 2011

July treasure

Hi lovelies. 
Here are a few pieces of prettiness
to share for July.

A pink cup and saucer that
I'm using to keep my bits of fabric
jewellery in.

Recent finds from a car boot sale.

A needle case which has the original label
and tags inside.

This has to be one of my all time favourite
car boot finds.
It was full of cigarette cards and the seller
wanted £10.00 for the lot.
"But I only want the box" I said :(

He looked at me in a rather ' you're nuts' way
and sold it to me (well Steve bought it me actually!)
for 50p.  Happy doesn't even cover it!
It made my day. :)

I have a friend on facebook who I shall call Jayne, 
as that is her name!
She has been 'encouraging' me to purchase pink china. 
A lot!
  She kept sending me links about the pink pieces
of china on this post and, well, 
I could have looked the other way or ignored
her messages but I didn't and so          
here they are looking pretty on my shelf 
and taking care of my jewellery.
Thanks Jayne. xxx

Two more great finds.
A floral bowl and ...

this china mosaic tray.

My final photo of the day is of my new pink satchel by Zatchels.
Beautifully crafted.
Have a fab evening.
Daisy xxx


  1. I've never seen a saucer shaped like that before it must be to put your biccies on, Lucey x

  2. Lots of lovely finds! I rather like the box, too.

    Pomona x

  3. Pnkity pink I love it all especially your school bag. Did you see my post today of our skip finds. K did a spot of skip diving and came up trumps. I do not know where it is going to go but I am glad it is rescued especially the photos. Piano stool already been Annie Sloaned. Hope you are OK. Love Debs X

  4. Wonderful finds, especially your tray. Love your new pink satchel.
    Carol xx