Thursday, 22 December 2011

Daisy's decorations

A few Christmas photos as promised.
The kitchen after the stainless steal cupboards were removed.
For now I have added a couple of shelves until
the work surfaces are replaced
and the walls are re-tiled.

They have also aloud extra space for a few festive trimmings....

and twinkly lights.

Holly from the garden, heart wreaths and snowflakes
in the kitchen window.

After a two year search I have found the tree
from my childhood to display my vintage baubles.

While helping to put Mums tree up last week my sister and I found a box
of glass baubles belonging to our grandparents.
This one was among them.

The lilac bell was on the Christmas tree
when I was a child and I love it.

I found this scarlet childs dress in France a
couple of years ago.
I've embroidered 'Joyeux Noel' on the
front of it and hung it in the kitchen.

A simple addition but another favourite.

A quick picture of the tree.
My first year without a real tree.
I have to say I miss the smell of pine
but I like the fact that this tree will stay
looking the same until I take it down in the new year.
Last years real tree looked shocking by Boxing Day!

Ahh! Now for the mystery shot from last night!
Looking for some inspiration for wall spaces
I sat and looked through my Dottie Angel book

Tif had laid wooden reels on vintage fabric
in the shape of a heart.

I started arranging my jar of reels on the table...
 I wonder if I stick a few nails in the freshly painted wall?

Ha! It worked!!!

I love the mixture of colours.
I love the hanging thread.
I love the labels
and I love the fact that no one can moan that I've done it!

Not the most obvious things to have on the wall
but I'm thrilled with it.

What do you think?
Thanks for reading and for the lovely comments yesterday.
Daisy xxx


  1. Hey Mandy, lovely pics from around your the vintage Christmas decos and the cotton reel heart, it looks fabulous.
    What a great idea......

    Best wishes for Christmas and a happy and crafty 2012,

    Claire X

  2. I think I love it - in fact I know I do. Just looking for the hammer! I saw lots of old reels yesterday in CS but at 50p each I didnt get any MORE although I was tempted. Have a lovely time. Btw went to Lou's last week and she had knitted christmas tree bunting just like yours from Nellie in the Shed was it one of your mum's? It looked fab.

  3. I love the idea with the reels i think its very pretty and artistic too, your little home looks just peachy.
    Pixie ;)

  4. The reels look really effective, great job! Your home looks so lovely.
    I think we have the same silver tree - does it all goes back in little brown paper sleeves and then into a brown box? Think Mum got it from a Women's magazine in the 60's. I haven't put many decorations up this year but the silver tree still made it!
    Carol xx

  5. Love that little red dress with the Joyeux noel on, and the reels are a great idea, I might just "have to have" that book!! Merry christmas Lucey x

  6. btw, your tree is used by green living as happy holidays e-card

  7. Those cotton reels look just fab on the wall. great idea!

  8. Love the Heart Mandy and the vintage baubles are so special. Its great to have your childhhood memories at christmas. Hope you have a good one. Love Nettie X