Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sorry I've been away.

I'm sorry for not keeping up with my blog recently. I have been making some lovely things and spent Saturday with Julie Arkell on a workshop and I have loads of photos to publish. But on Sunday I had a devastating blow which has rocked me to my core and it make take me a while to recover. I hope you understand and I will be right back as soon as I am able. I am hoping tonights full moon changes things around for me. Dont forget to check it out weather permitting!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Beauty all around.

After driving my husband to Newark train station a brown paper parcel was waiting on the door step when I returned.

The Secret Garden ordered from Milly and Dotties Emporium.

It came beautifully wrapped in green tissue paper and tied with string.

And is full of gorgeous illustrations.
I have to confess that I took rather a long coffee break looking through it.

But then back to the real world. I changed the bed and put on my favourite Shabby Chic bedding. The cotton is fabulous and is still feels like new two years after I bought it.

Then to the ironing mountain from last week although I have to say I think my p.j's looked scrummy all folded and ready to wear.

Then finally another wonderful sunset. What a sky. If only I could paint!

Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wish I still had these.

I have been looking through some old photos and found this one of me about aged 3ish sitting on these gorgeous floral deck chairs. Oh how I wished my parents had saved them although I do remember that if you sat too near the top or bottom they tipped up and folded completely over your head!!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

More creatures to share

As promised here are some more creatures inspired by Julie Arkell.
This is 'Lost shoe'.

I just love embroidering words onto things!

Her ears are made of a gorgeous scrap of fabric that came from the States.
The jumper was part of a worn out sock from GAP which I just couldn't throw away.

As you may be aware I work one day a week in a fantastic shop called Heaths Country Store. (I will post some photos soon) My boss, after I showed him 'One shoe' , walked up to me with a pair of mittens on the top of his head and said "Anyone can be a Julie Arkell". The next creature was inspired from that conversation although it looks nothing like Heath!!

She is wearing a beautiful vintage dolly coat with a tiny little doll in her pocket which was knitted by my very talented Mum.

Here they sit, best of friends together.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Instead of the ironing.

Today I set off with all good intentions to try and clear my ironing mountain but then found myself distracted by a piece of tea dyed muslin in my stash.

After drawing out the pattern in pencil I machined over the line on the body...

and around the arms and legs.

She was then stuffed with rags and bits of leftover calico. This gives a heavy and bumpy feel to the doll.

Next comes the face carefully stitched and blusher added for some rosy cheeks.

Her 'hat /ears' are an inpiration from my love of Julie Arkell creatures.

Add a button to hide a small mark on the vintage dolly tights.

I have never been able to resist vintage dolly dresses on my travels and have thought for a while how great it would be to make some dolls to fit them. Now complete with her socks she is finished but my ironing sadly is not!