Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winter wonderland - Day 3

Morning from sunny Nottinghamshire!

The snowflakes have been falling all night
and we are now about 25cm deep in snow.
But it does look so beautiful.

It must have all been a bit confusing for poor old Dan
who is totally blind and usually has no problem running
round the garden.

I am loving my new camera
as I can even capture snowflakes
on the window.

The north facing windows look
like they've been dressed for
a Charles Dickens film.

At least I can enjoy another day sewing.
This is my case of extra special precious fabric!

One off pieces of history
that have all come together
to be made into something beautiful again.

So all yesterday, while watching my Christmas DVD collection,
I sat and hand sewed these petals.

When completed they will become a pretty gift
for someone. A bit of colour in this white wonderland.

Almost completed.
I will post the finished ones tomorrow.

Enjoy the snow and stay safe.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. I just came across your blog. What lovely photos of the snow! And I adore your case full of fabric :)

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment. Have a good day.
    Mandy x