Sunday, 5 December 2010

As promised

I woke up early this morning
to this spectacular blue sky
with Venus (I think!)
shining in the south east.

Then downstairs to put on all the twinkly lights
and make a coffee.

Yesterday I promised Jayne and Linda
I would post photos of some boxes
I've been making from old sheet music...

and glued onto card and covered with pva glue to seal them.

Then cut, stamped and stuck together.

I needed a few!

To display my flower brooches.

All going to live at Nellie in the Shed.

All handmade and individual.

Stitched using a mixture of fabrics, vintage, feedsack and
a collection from French General

I've also made some book covers
tied with ribbon and a few other bits
that I will post at a later date.

Back to the sewing.
Enjoy your afternoon.
Love Daisy xxx


  1. awww they look so beautiful in their boxes!! well done :) xx

  2. Thanks Rosie :) Can't wait to see your Clothes Show blog xxx

  3. Wow! These look really lovely. I love the boxes you have made - just delightful.
    Pam x

  4. Thanks Pam. I had great fun making them. x

  5. Love the flower brooches & your pic of the sky! Lizzie x