Monday, 17 September 2012

A year in the life of Daisy's fireplace

When I first moved into my new home nearly a year ago now
there was something missing.
The lounge lacked a focal point and the wall lights were
placed in a very strange arrangement on the wall.
It screamed fireplace to me but there was no chimney
and very little budget to play with.
Christmas was on the horizon and I really wanted a mantel to dress.

Then I found this in a charity shop.
I didn't know quite how I was going to make it work or fit
but it was a steal so I thought I would give it a try.
Steve helped me collect it and he drove it home in the snow 
with the boot open!

It then had a makeover.
First an undercoat, as it was a tad shiny.

Then a couple of coats of Farrow & Ball and it was ready to assemble.
I looked at fireplace plinths but they were really expensive 
and at the end of the day I wasn't entirely sure this whole idea
would work or if I would like it long term.
So I went to B & Q and asked a very nice man
to cut me a piece of thick MDF to the correct size 
and also a piece to sit at the back of the fireplace frame.
I painted the plinth with a black metallic finish paint.
It worked a treat and I was thrilled with it
but there was still the issue of what to fill the hole with.
(Please also note that I had to check that the Christmas tree would
fit in the corner too!  

So with my new found drill skills I hung a mirror on the wall
and attached the fireplace to the wall so it wouldn't suddenly fall over.
(I can tell you're impressed!)
Then I went for a rummage in my sewing room upstairs 
for just the right bit of fabric to cover the back board.

I found this!
It was the perfect size too.
Whoever made this so many years ago
stopped at just the right time.
Put it away and never made it into anything.
I wonder if she knew...

that I would treasure every stitch ...

even the tacking ones?

It worked!
I loved it!

It made the room feel warm even though
it didn't give off any heat.

I have played all year with it.
Dressing it as the seasons changed.

Adding bits here and there.

Yes, lots of playing and...
hello Dan I didn't see you there!

 Here we are in autumn.

'I'm going now' and 'Looking for clouds'
are living amongst the old books with Owl.

Jessies book keeps them company.

I hope you enjoyed the visit.
The Arkletts bid you farewell.

I wish you the best of days.


  1. I love your fireplace, you are so creative, it looks gorgeous. That looks such a comfy chair too!

    1. Thanks Sally. You're right. It is a very comfy chair! xxx

  2. when i walk into a room without a fire place i definately think theres something missing! yours is cute, i like the pattern in the middle, different, x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment

  3. That made me laugh because the first thing I always look for when we move house is a place for the Christmas tree!! I think that piece of fabric was made for you by some lovely fairy in another life, do I spot an Arclett "house" in that pic? Still excited over Sunday I haven't stopped talking about it, Steve said you'd think it was this week not next April!! Lucey x

  4. Love the fabric in the middle - great idea! It looks lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. You've made something just wonderful for your room which allows you to show off your treasures perfectly. Love the hexies.
    I think a fireplace is such an important focal point, just makes a room
    Carol xx

  6. We had a fireplace put in last year and its a must as far as I'm concerned.I love your idea and your ideas for dressing it over the year. I wouldnt be without ours.

  7. Oh i love this post, and i love your mantle, it looks so pretty and the Arkletts look quite at home....
    Thank you for sharing a lovely joyous post.
    Pixie x