Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where have you been Daisy?

Has it really been 5 months?
I have been reading your blogs but the voice
for mine disappeared.
I don't know where or why.
There is no excuse or reason.
It just went away.

So here is a bit of a catch up in picture form.

I've been doing lots of stitching by hand ...

and by machine.

 I've had lovely deliveries of vintage fabrics.

Christmas prep began.

A bit of sorting got done.

A bit of time out at a paper based workshop.

Little paper dollies made at Hope & Elvis

Followed by a lamp shade making course.

Then Christmas arrived ...

and I had fun decorating and spending time with my family.

Before I knew it  February arrived...

and a little hankie curtain got made.

I played with old envelopes...

and more scraps of old paper and velvet ribbon.

Patchwork hexagons came next.

Followed by paper bunting.

Then came a batch of thread catchers.

So you see I have been busy playing and making...

but not blogging ...

If you're still out there ...

Thank you for bearing with me.

Apologies to those who follow me on facebook or instagram
and have already seen most of these pictures.
I wish you all a lovely weekend.