Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Pepperpot Doll arrived from Julia Jowett

I first met Julia last November at the 
Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.

Her work made me stop in my tracks.

It made me hold my breath.

It drew me in.

Right in,

 to the this wonderful world she had created.

This week I have been lucky enough to share
a part of that world.
Want to see?

 She arrived beautifully wrapped.
This postcard has gone straight on my wall!

I felt like it was my birthday again.

I took my time and enjoyed the moment.

And here she is...

my beautiful girl...

with her exquisite stitching.

I've found a perfect place for her to live.

She can wave at the Arkletts sitting nearby...


And gaze out of the window at the passers by.

To Julia, thank you for creating such a gorgeous girl.
I love her so much and feel very honoured that she is now living with me.
Julia can be found on facebook
and will be based at Unit Twelve from the beginning of August.
Thanks for reading.
Night night
Love Daisy xxx


  1. She's so lovely I want to give her a, very careful, hug, Lucey x

  2. Such beautiful work,, how precious.
    Pixie x

  3. I too have a piece of Julia's work, a wonderful framed printed composition with a wire sculpture. Like you I love and cherish it everyday....Sarah Galloway

  4. That is just beautiful work :)