Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Bolingbroke Hospital - a view backwards at the Contemporary Applied Arts

Yesterday I made a special trip to London to
Percy Street in London.

The exhibition was about The Bolingbroke Hospital
which closed in 2008.
Each of the artists were given a selection of objects
used in reminiscence work with the elderly patients.

As regulars to my blog will know I am a huge fan of Julie Arkell.
Here are a few of the photos I took.
This piece was called 'un dress'

A found dress was turned into an apron
with a photo of the original piece  displayed in a paper mache frame.

These were the surplus bits of fabric left over.

I found the exhibition very moving especially this
label which reads 
'Please pray for all ill in this hospital.  Many thanks.'

'What's left?'
With her thread and pins.

'Caring for the everyday'
with her 'be a good neighbour' badge.

Boxed hankies with poignant text.

A red hand knitted pixie hood.

A low alcove of  creatures each with their own stories to tell.

Embroidered hospital cards.

One of my favourites
'I keep remembering all the visitors'

An exquisite box of treasures.

A view backwards.


'Help' is now living with me.
Safe with all my other Arkellets.

'I'll stay here' didn't want to come.

Shelly Goldsmiths 'Circle skirt'

A close up on the text.

Two more pieces by Shelly.

Beautiful shiny pins.

A close up of dear 'Help'

She seems so much happier away from the bright lights of the city.

I would like to thank the CAA for letting me take so many photos.
The exhibition finishes on 21st July but is well worth a visit.
Wishing you all a great Tuesday.
Hugs Daisy xxx


  1. Just the mere mention of Julie Arkell sets my heart fluttering! What lovely work, each and every piece is beautiful, love your "help" she's so sweet. "Edward and Edith" asked if she could come to tea, we're having freshly boiled eggs today!!lol, Lucey xx

  2. Oh yes! Thank you! She would love to come. xxx

  3. Thanks for posting these wonderful pics I would loved to have gone but it hasn't been possible unfortunately. What a fab day out and I love Help! Gorgeous polka dot bonnet!
    Sally x

  4. Lovely photos - I remember the old Bolingbroke Hospital very well, it was part of the NHS Trust that I used to work for in London - looks like a very sweet exhibition
    Best wishes

  5. Hi Daisy,, oh i am so envious, you know how much of a fan i am of Julies, you are so lucky that you get to see all these things,, i never see or hear about any of these exhibitions, i check the internet all the time but nothing ever comes up,, or if it does its too late and passed by....
    would it be too forward to ask you if you could let me know of any forth coming julie Arkel exhibitions etc, or even where i can purchase her creatures from,, i feel that i am always missing out....;(
    Wonderful post and great photos, i shall be looking through it again after i have sent this..

    Hugs Pixie x