Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Daisy sorts the bedroom

I've been in a 'sorty' kind of mood today.
I had two shelves that needed putting up
and nowhere to put my collection of bags.
Ah ha!

It was a little tricky as the shelf, being quite old,
 was bowed in places and I'm no expert with a drill.

But it seems to have worked.
I do love fabric bags...

Can you spot the mini Poppy Treffry ?
And my pink Zatchel satchel.

Do you remember when I gave this little beauty a
  makeover ?

It's been sitting around on the floor since then
waiting patiently for a space to live.
Today was the little shelves moving in day.

Back to the bags for a close up shots of
the scrummy fabric.

 Finally a wider angled shot
and you have not seen the unpacked
boxes under the stool have you?
Good :)

All finished and tidy,
for a while at least!

Next job - patchwork curtains!

See you soon.
Daisy xxx


  1. It looks so pretty! And you are welcome for the manual labour I provided when putting up the shelves!! :) Such a creatively clever Daisy!


    1. All two minutes of it! Thanks chick ;) xxx

  2. Ahhhhh sighhhhh dreammmm ... you have a beautiful touch Daisy Moon! Totally lovely room x

  3. So beautiful ..... as always. xxx

  4. The little shelf is just gorgeous with all those lovely bags - great combination.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I need this is my life, please come and work your magic in my room!!! x

  6. Oh yes me too....i love love love fabric bags,,, i have to really be strict with myself these days when i spot one calling to me in a shop,, i have too many.
    Lovely photos..

    Pixie xx

  7. ooo love your bedroom! it's so pretty!!

  8. I spy a pair of gorgeous shoes on the shelf and they're just my size please can I borrow them???? lol, you've got some lovely bags too, Lucey xxx PS well done with the drilling, x

  9. It all looks gorgeous! The bags are very pretty too and its a great idea to display them like that, otherwise they end up stuck in cupboards and no one sees them.

  10. Oh wow the room looks amazing and I love those bags! You can come and sort my room out for me if you want! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/